Saturday, 21 September 2013


You meet Sapphire in book two of the series, absolutely stunning, Sapphire is the mother of Luke, and Callie although she hardly fits the role for that title. I love Sapphire's character, there are so many different sides to her, ranging from downright evil to almost loving. Although she has mellowed through the years, don't make the mistake of thinking she has gone soft. Sapphire is as deadly as they get, she can extinguish you with a flick of her wrist and not think twice about it. Her husband was an extremely twisted man who delighted in taking a young Luke, into his basement to show him the sick assortment of dismembered trophies he had kept from his victims, including that of a severed head. Sapphire didn't want Callie to have to suffer the same fate or face something worse at the hands of her father, so she gave her away to be brought up in the human world away from the cold and evil one that she herself lives in. With Callie safely out of the picture, she then went on to kill her husband but this didn't end Luke's suffering. That role was transferred to Violet, Sapphire's mother who was far more evil than Sapphire, could ever be. There are many secrets about to be revealed, with Sapphire at the center of it all, and with a rather large secret of her own involving her past relationship with Blake, let's just say Sapphire's skeletons in her closet are about to take center stage. Her hidden talent has been uncovered and is being used to bind her by both her mother and Deacon. With her children caught up in the mix, Sapphire is not about to let them suffer, instead aiding them when she is able to, regardless of what punishments befall upon her. Sapphire is the key to the events about to unfold and what some may see as acts of kindness, she is in fact setting the wheels in motion for what is about to come. Her fate was sealed long ago, and she intends to set things right by making sure good, wins over evil even if it results in her death. Even though Callie and Luke haven't been showered with hugs and kisses by their mother, Sapphire is doing all that she can to protect them, showing her love in the only way she is able to, by her own personal sacrifice.
How I see her :)

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