Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A break from the norm

As a reader, I'm always on the look out for something new, fresh and unique. Something that I can come to grips with. A story that is emotional yet action packed, with a plot that is filled with twists to keep me guessing. I want cliffhangers, love triangles, hot guys and gals who are both fearsome yet vulnerable. I want to weep at their misery and pain then burst with pride when their strength finally shines through. I need characters that are evil to the core so that I can cheer at their downfall, characters that hold an air of mystery, leaving me wondering which way the scales will tip.
As an author, I've tried to include all these traits in my work. If like me, these things truly appeal to you, then check out the Twisted Bloodlines series. Five books that take you on a journey through heartache and pain, villains and good-guys (though some are adoringly a bit of both) a gritty dark story and good old fashioned romance. Be prepared to be drawn into some tough times with characters you'll love, or love to hate :)