Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sean and Paul's thoughts on being cast aside from their family

I've invited Paul and Sean for a little chat about how life is, returning to their family.
First of all, what was life like growing up without your mother?

Paul : Life was great, since we were only young at the time, we soon forgot about her and focused on the more important things in life.

Me : That sounds kind of bitter Paul, is it true that you were the one to raise Sean?

Sean : Paul guided me through our younger years and into our teens. We weren't without a guardian, but he was pretty absent most of the time, leaving us to fend for ourselves. We were far from stupid, despite our young age, we adapted. Paul had a little more awareness than I, so it was clear, he should take on the role of decision maker. He didn't raise me, we're the same age.

Me : That's terrible, leaving you two to fend for yourselves. Was there no-one else who could help you?

Paul : We didn't need help. There was always plenty of food, and anything else we needed. His absence taught us a valuable lesson on surviving the big bad world. Besides, we turned out okay.

Me : Did it effect you at all, growing up without a female presence in your life?

Paul : I had plenty of females in my life, sometimes even up to three a night.

Me : Um, I actually meant, did the absence of a mother figure, effect you? Did it effect your relationships with women?

Paul : Clearly not.

Me : But did you have trouble committing to a relationship? Maybe that is why you choose to have one night stands.

Paul : No, that isn't it at all. As you're aware, we have a destined mate. In the meantime, any female is only temporary and there is no sense in getting attached.

Me : Well okay then, now that you're mated Paul, has it affected the relationship? Do you choose to distance yourself from Amara, in fear of her deserting you as your mother did?

Paul : She can't, once you're mated, it's for life. Now can we move on from my love life?

Me : Sorry, how about you Sean? I see you've expressed an interest in Trey. Do you have any female interest at all?

Sean : No, no females.

Me : So you're gay then? Do you think that may be linked to your mother's absence?

Sean : I highly doubt that, and I'd rather not talk about my sexual relations.

Me : Do you resent your mother for abandoning you?

Paul : No, that would require effort.

Sean : Paul! No we don't resent her, she felt that it was for the best. We did receive letters through the years explaining her remorse, and I suppose being on the constant move with four children, would have been difficult.

Paul : Besides, I think I'd have preferred to remain settled in one place, hiding really isn't my thing.

Me : What about Megan and Jase? Do you resent the fact that they were chosen to remain with you're mother instead of you?

Paul : Not at all, if anything, I feel sorry for them. They've had no life, no teenage experiences or friends. Why would I have preferred to trade places?

Me : Okay, how do you feel, being called upon after all these years to protect a sister you've never met?

Paul : I admit I was a little ticked off by it. Our presence has never been sought before that, even when Peter joined the equation and they became more settled.

Sean : I tend to agree. I mean once we were able to shift, we could protect ourselves. As for protecting Megan, I don't begrudge that.

Paul : I'd like to get a shot at my father any day, I have my own score to settle.

Me : I'm sure everyone would, Okay last question. How is your relationship with your mother now?

Paul : Non- existent. I converse to be civil, but other than that, I'm really not after anything more than an acquaintance.

Me : So you have no intention of building any sort of relationship with the woman who birthed you?

Paul : Not in the slightest.

Sean : We are not very affectionate people, neither do we rely on anyone. The time for a mother/son relationship has come and gone. It's not that we're bitter towards her, It's simply because we have trouble building a relationship with a complete stranger. I know she feels awkward and unsure around us, so we choose to relieve that pressure and keep our distance.

Me : That sounds very sad.

Sean : Not really. We grew up without her, so there was never a bond. It's like having a random stranger in the street, tell you they are your mother. You wouldn't instantly love them, and yearn for their company would you?

Me : I suppose not. Well thank you for coming, and sparing me the time in your busy schedule.

Sean : You're welcome.

Paul : Can we go now?

Well, an interesting interview with the boys, although I'm not convinced by their 'not bothered' attitude, but who am I to argue it. (Well I did try, but It's not advisable to anger a wild animal) :)

Thursday, 20 March 2014

A newspaper clipping of Deacon's latest expeditions

                                         MONFORT NEWS
WWW.MONFORTNEWS.COM                    The nations favorite newspaper                                                         19/03/201

Michelle Evans, was reported missing last night by her sister, Kayla Evans. She began to worry when Michelle hadn't returned home, after a night out with work colleagues. Kayla claims that her last contact with Michelle, was at 10pm the previous night, when she had called to say that she was on her way home, after stopping off to get the pair a takeaway pizza. An hour later there was still no sign of Michelle. Concerned, Kayla called up Michelle's colleagues who informed her that they had accompanied her to the pizza place, where they left together, but then went their separate ways. Michelle lives within walking distance from the wine-bar she and her colleagues attended that night, and the journey would only have taken her ten minutes to return home. After police questioned the owner of the pizza restaurant, they discovered that a suspicious looking man, had been spotted in the vicinity that night. The description fits that of the same man, reported to have also been seen hanging around Monfort on the days of the disappearance, of three other missing women. The police haven't connected the incidents and are still making enquiries as to the missing women's whereabouts, but they have issued an appeal for this man to come forward, so he can be eliminated from their enquiries. He is about six foot two, blond hair, heavily muscled and smartly dressed, with piercing blue eyes. The owner of Cabbots nightclub, which is where one of the other women disappeared from, describes the man as being a little wild, possibly on drugs, and oddly claims that on this occasion he must have been wearing some kind of contact lenses, because his eyes appeared to be yellow. Mr Macalista, an employee at the multiplex cinema in downtown Monfort, also claims to have seen a man fitting this description on the night Libby Peacock went missing. He claims he must be some kind of vampire fanatic, because on the night he saw him, Mr Macalista insists that he was wearing a pair of plastic vampire fangs. The police have issued a statement for the women of Monfort to remain calm, there could be several reasons for the disappearance of these women, but for the moment they are urging people to remain together and not to walk home alone.

A article from the Twisted Bloodlines home town on Deacon's latest expeditions. It seems even a man such as himself, is not as clever as he thought he was, to get picked up by the local tabloids. I wonder who will find him first, the panthers or the local law enforcement? I can't see Deacon behind bars, a caged animal and all that :)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Interviewing evil

Since we already had Q&A with Beth, I thought you might like to hear from the Twisted Bloodlines bad guy. Book five is centered around Beth and Deacon, so this interview will give you a little insight into what kind of man he really is.

1) In a few words, how would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as being an intelligent man, who has worked hard to achieve the position I hold on the power ladder. I'm a fair man, although I'm sure many would disagree. Admittedly, I'm not a warm and approachable person, but if you have something of worth to offer, then I will greatly reward you for your efforts.

2) So does that mean you're a wealthy man? Or do you have to struggle to make ends meet?

I am indeed a wealthy man, my father made sure of that, leaving his money and the business to me. I've never had to struggle for money, nor do I ever intend to.

3)What would your parents think, of the man you have become today?

My father would be extremely proud of who I am today. I really couldn't care less what my mother would think, and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't care either way.

4)In your teenage years, is this how you visualized your life to be? Or did you have other plans?

As a teenager, I learned of my father's job description, and was encouraged to follow in his footsteps. I always visualized my life to be this way, not just to live up to my father's expectations, but because I enjoy what I do.

5)Who are your closest allies? Do you even have friends, or just acquaintances?

I would have to say acquaintances, friends bring complications to the equation. Justin, being the prime example. I do have a few close co-workers who hold the same vision as me, but I'm sure they wouldn't think twice about stabbing me in the back for their own personal gain. As for allies, I guess you could include the mage's in that category, but then we are after all out for ourselves, I'm sure they have their own agenda for choosing to ally with me.

6)We already know about your parenting skills, but did you ever want to have children you could nurture and love? Or was the plan always to create life, in order of gaining power?

I don't nurture, neither do I love. Would I have liked for them to follow in my footsteps, then the answer to that is yes, but you're right in saying that it is all for power.

7)What is your ultimate goal in life? What is your plan once you have achieved this goal?

Now that would be telling. I can reveal that obviously power is what I seek, and once I achieve that, I will sit back and reap my rewards.

8)Do you think it is unfair that you're being labeled the bad guy? If so, why?

I pay no mind to what people label me, name calling is rather juvenile, don't you think? Those high and mighty panthers, will always find someone to call the bad guy if they don't conform to their standards. I think they forget we are animals by nature.

9)Are you all business when it comes to your victims? Or do you prolong their suffering?

I suppose that depends on the victim, what mood I'm in, and also whether I have the time frame to play. So I guess you could say its a bit of both, depending on the actual day.

10)Aren't you at least a little bit sympathetic towards your victims?

I sympathise with no-one. If you're incompetent enough to get yourself in that situation, then you deserve what you get for your own stupidity.

11)Do you ever tire of hunting your victims?

I never tire of the chase. It is my nature after all, and so much fun, especially when the smell of their fear is so intoxicating.

12)Does it bother you that people despise your very existence?

Again no, people's opinions mean nothing to me, unless I benefit from them. I suppose despising me, gives them something to do with their day.

13)When in combat, do you prefer to battle as a man, or the beast?

I get satisfaction from both. With my victims, it is always as a man, but I find that the wolves and panthers can't seem to fight me as a man, choosing to shift instead. Why give them an advantage over me and stay a man, when in actual fact, in panther form I am twice the size of them.

14)Do you see yourself as invincible, or is there an enemy that could meet your match?

It depends on what you class as invincible. Cutting someone's head off is a sure way to find out. I suppose you could say I see myself as invincible, I am after all still here. I have many enemies and so far none even come close to seriously wounding me, let alone ending my life. No, there is no-one who can match up to my strength.

15)Would you ever consider abandoning your evil ways? If so, what would you do instead?

Evil ways eh? I wouldn't put it quite like that, most don't see the big picture. If they did, I'm sure they would repeat my actions. I see no other life for myself, I enjoy mine, far too much.

16)If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I actually wouldn't want to change a thing, but if pushed for an answer, I would have to say I wish my father had started teaching me earlier, instead of waiting until my teens.

17)Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself having it all, of this I'm sure.

18)What does normal mean to you?

Ah, so I guess you're implying that I'm not your version of normal. Perhaps its true, but everyone has their own definition of normal. I'm an animal by nature, a beast which isn't to be tamed. Do you really think that such an animal, wouldn't bite your hand off if you attempted to pet it? We live for the hunt, natural predators, if you run, I will chase. So you see, in my world, this is normal. The rules of the jungle and all that.

19)Is there a significant other, or do you prefer your solitude?

No, there isn't a significant other. Why? Are you offering yourself for the position? I highly doubt you would enjoy the experience. Do I prefer solitude? Yes, I suppose I do. Having the same obedient female, day in, day out, would be tiresome. Its much more fun to have several, especially when they are unwilling.

20)What will you do with the rest of your day, once you leave here?

Scared, I may stick around and let you get to know me better? As much as I would enjoy that, I have business to attend to. I'm sure you won't mind if I don't fill in all the gory details for you, its better that you remain ignorant in your safe and sheltered world. After all, the less you know about us, the likely-hood of continuing to live your normal life safely, is greatly increased.

So that concluded an extremely unnerving interview, with the creepiest and most terrifying guy I've ever met. It goes to show that Deacon is evil through and through, and has no intention of changing his ways at all.

Friday, 14 March 2014

What is it like to live in a fantasy world?

In preparation for book five (despite being quite a while away:) ) I decided to do some Q & A with the most important, but least in the limelight, character from the cast of Twisted Bloodlines. Beth, being the only human in the household, has a big role to fill. I wanted to know, just what it was like for her entering a world of fantasy, and how becoming a mother to inhuman children, affected her.

Q : So Beth, tell me what it was like going into a world that had previously been only known to you, in books of fiction and big screen films? How did you become aware of its existence?

A : At first Deacon seemed like any normal attractive man. He was pleasant and generous, treating me like a lady of worth. Don't get me wrong, he never once harmed me, although I'm not defending his twisted mind at all. He is a very dangerous man indeed, but I'm getting off track here and jumping ahead of the story, sorry. I instantly fell for his charms, he knew exactly what buttons to push, and before I knew it, I was agreeing to leave my life behind and move in with him. At first it seemed like any normal setting, his home was large, like a mansion, but he was strict on which part of the house I was to remain in. I was curious as to his reasoning but I was so blinded by love that I never thought to question it. It was after all, his house.
With time, we seemed like any normal couple, and it was only a matter of months before I found out I was expecting Sean and Paul. This was when he began to change, his mood swings were confusing, and we spent less time together than previously. Bored and alone, I decided to venture further into the house. I didn't expect the things I came across. The muffled screams of a woman was the first thing I came across. The screams were coming from behind a closed door, I remember being terrified of what could be happening behind it. I tried the handle, but it was locked from the inside. The screams instantly subsided, and I heard movement as though someone was approaching the door. A click sounded, and the handle began to lower, scared of who, or what I was about to confront, I turned around and fled back to my side of the house.
I continued to return to the forbidden side of the house, but never came across the screams again. I did however, find the door ajar on one occasion. Unable to contain my curiosity, all senses fled my brain and I entered the room. I can still feel the horror at what I discovered, as I took in the sight before me. The room was laid out as though it was some sort of clinic, there were a variety of sharp looking implements, all bloodstained with fresh blood. The sheet spread out across the bed in the center of the room, was also blood splattered, but shredded all over as though some wild animal had fought on top of it. The machinery surrounding the bed looked similar to the ultrasound equipment they have in hospitals.
My mind raced with what possible explanation Deacon could hold for the rooms existence, but it was soon cut short as he entered the room. His eyes blazed with fury, turning from their usual blue, to yellow right in front of me. His mouth spread into a grin as I continued to watch in disbelief as his teeth grew longer, sharpening into points that you would only come across on a wild animal. Shocked, I listened as he then proceeded to inform me that the man I was in love with was in fact, not human but a beast. He even demonstrated that fact for me, shifting into a panther there and then.
Fear kept me with him after that. He never told me what went on in that room, but as I continued to sneak across to it, I soon began piecing it together. Once he found out about Megan, that's when things changed for the worst. He informed me of his plans for her, which completely horrified me. That was when I knew I had to escape, fear for my daughter over- ruled any fear I had for my own safety. The rest of the story, you already know.
As for what it was like entering their world, it was terrifying. Knowing that you are living under the same roof as a beast who could rip you to shreds was one thing, but knowing that there was a whole world filled with them, was quite an adjustment for me. It took me a long while before I felt fully comfortable among the panthers, I suppose knowing that my own children were to become the same, helped with adapting to their strange world. Although having been thrust into it, I really didn't have much choice in the matter.

Q : Every mother loves her children. How do you feel, birthing children that are not human?

A : I admit I was scared at first, especially once I'd learned what their father was. Deacon didn't exactly fill me in on all the details of what to expect, neither did I want to ask him. I had no idea whether they would come out baring fangs, or be a normal looking baby. Sean and Paul seemed normal, I wasn't sure if Deacon's beastly nature would come out in all of the children. Luckily once Peter saved me, he informed me of what would happen, and that they wouldn't actually shift until they were in their twenties. I was like any normal mother, I loved my children despite what they would become. My only regret is who their biological father is. Thankfully they are nothing like him. It doesn't bother me that they aren't human, all I see are my flesh and blood. If anything, it makes them all the more special for me.

Q : What would you do, if you came face to face with Deacon again?

A : While its true Deacon never harmed me, I still know what he's capable of and I did escape with his children. I've had one close encounter when he burned the house down, I don't intend to have another. In answer to your question, I would flee the other way, and hope to god he didn't follow.

Well thank you Beth for your time, I think its safe to say I don't envy your life. I can only hope things improve, and that you can finally relax without the threat of Deacon, hanging over you.

Um, thanks. I'm sure it will soon.

Wow, that's one situation I wouldn't have liked to be in. That creepy room, would have haunted my dreams for years to come. I doubt that I would have adapted as well as Beth, she's quite a woman, but I suppose she has to be :)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Family or lover?

How would you feel if you had to not only accept, but also witness on a daily basis, a member of your family doing something that goes against your beliefs? I posed this question to Luke, from Twisted Bloodlines, who is doing exactly that. Here is what he had to say :
I wouldn't say it goes against my beliefs as such. The very job I hold, enforces the law against mage mixed breeding. Having my own sister doing just that, is a risk not only to her, but to myself as well. I'm far from innocent on the subject, having fallen into a similar situation myself, but I rectified my own mistake. It's not just because of mage tradition, I mean, why would you want to mate with an animal? They are so primitive. The panthers watch over every aspect of their females lives, they are barely allowed to be three feet away from the males, without being possessively dragged back, to be by their side. Its disgusting! Callie could be someone magnificent, powerful and independent, with no male dictating her every step. I make no attempt to hide my distaste of the panthers, clearly they don't think they are powerful enough, and need to breed with the mage's to achieve more. I know they despise me living under the same roof as them, which makes it all the more fun for me. I can only hope Callie, comes to her senses and ditches the panther for a more suitable companion. I don't hold it against her, she was after all dragged into this mess by Deacon. Before that, she was completely oblivious to the world of panthers and mage's. She wasn't even aware of my job, before she made the mistake of breeding with the panther. Would I change my views on this for her sake? Not in a million years.

So there you have it. Luke as opinionated and hostile as ever. His grudge against the panthers doesn't seem to be diminishing any time soon. We can only sympathise with Callie, torn between family and the man she loves.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Creative Twisted Bloodlines

I had to share my latest creation since it is after all related to my books :) What do you think?

I always think a series looks better displayed in its own box so I made my own :)

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Soul mates

With their paths already laid out for them (well their destined partners for life) I asked the cast of Twisted Bloodlines how they feel about having their future already mapped out for them. Here is what they had to say on the subject.

Megan : To be honest, it never really bothered me. Before Blake, I'd never had a boyfriend, so the whole experience was new to me. Once I laid eyes on him, I just knew he was the only one for me. There was nothing I could do about it, except embrace the feeling of finally finding the one who completes me.

Devon : Before Callie, I had no interest in finding a mate. I remember despising the thought of being bound to just one person for life, but now, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Sabrina : That is a no no, for me. I will choose my own destiny, I'm far too young to be tied down to one male, when there is a great big world full of them. If I do have the misfortune of finding this so called 'destined mate', then I will fight it all the way.

Trey : I suppose it depends on who it is. If they meet my requirements, then I've no problem spending the rest of my days with them.

Jase : It's not going to happen to me. There are far too many females out there, in need of my assistance. One female is not enough to fulfill my needs I'm afraid.

Callie : I guess it is rather like taking away your own choice of who to spend life with, but once you meet your destined mate, all that goes out the window. They call it your 'destined mate' for a reason, I know from my own experience that it is like finding the other half of you. You're left feeling whole, as though this is the moment you've been waiting for your entire life. Trust me, there is no other feeling like it.

Luke : I personally don't believe in destined mate's. Mage's are raised to believe that our parents will choose a suitable consort for us to live out our days with. Although I don't believe in that either. I will decide my own future, destiny and fate have nothing to do with it.

So there are a few of the casts opinions. I guess you just don't know until it happens to you. It's nice to think that we all have our soul mate out there somewhere, waiting, but the question is, will we ever find them?

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Interview with Trey

In honor of my upcoming third book in the Twisted Bloodlines series, I've decided to interview Trey, since he is the main character featured in the book.

Me : If you had a free day with no responsibilities and your only task was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?

Trey : Well, I would have to say I'd pretty much do what I always do. My responsibilities are to defend against any attack, and I do so, love to battle. I also enjoy a good death mission when it comes my way, they are extremely entertaining, so really, I tend to enjoy myself everyday.

Me : Okay then, how about what impression do you make on people when they first meet you? How about after they've known you for a while?

Trey : Usually when people first meet me, they think I'm cocky and arrogant. As for after they've known me for a while, their opinion of me is still the same, if not worse.

Me : I can imagine. So what do you most like/dislike about your appearance?

Trey : Hmm my appearance, well look at me. What's to dislike?

Me : Um, moving on. Do you think you've turned out the way your parents expected?

Trey : Definitely not. I think my parents were hoping for a relatively normal son. One which they could show off and be proud of, instead they were rewarded with an unstable, sexually confused heir to their bloodline. I'm not exactly someone to be proud of and represent the family name.

Me : I'm sure they don't see it that way, you're their son, their flesh and blood, surely that's all that matters.

Trey : Yeah, you haven't met my parents. Next question.

Me : Okay, what is your favorite occupation?

Trey : Favorite occupation? Hmm, I can't quite decide between causing trouble in the household, or battling to the death. Both are my favorite occupations, as well as full time jobs.

Me : Right, well how about talents then? Which talent would you most like to have?

Trey : Honestly, I already have all the talent I need. Can't you tell?

Me : Of course, how silly of me to have asked. What about achievements. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Trey : My greatest achievement would be finally finding my mate. That is something which I never thought possible, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Me : Congratulations on that. In your world of many enemies, which person do you most despise?

Trey : I despise many people, but as I'm sure you can already guess, it would have to be Deacon. I've never come across any lower life form than that evil b***ard.

Me : Well I did suspect he would be on your list. Okay, how about your greatest fear?

Trey : My greatest fear is losing my mate. I will fight to the death to avoid that happening.

Me : I'm sure you would. What are you most ashamed of in your life?

Trey : I think that question is obvious. Forcing a bond onto Megan is what shames me the most, if I could reverse my stupidity, I would.

Me : Well I didn't want to comment, but I did suspect that would be your response. Tell me about your best friend. How did you meet? What do you like about this person? What do they like about you?

Trey : Megan is my best friend. Since the day she arrived in my life a total messed up wreck, I've looked out for her. She was the one person who didn't judge me, Megan took my arrogance with a pinch of salt and despite my mistake, she still risked her safety to come and find me. I couldn't tell you what Megan likes about me, although if anything I only added to her problems.

Me : I can tell you two are very close, I'm glad things have worked out between you. I know you are already mated, but could you describe your ideal mate?

Trey : An ideal mate for me, would have to hold a sense of humor, also a very cheeky side to match my own. Adventurous in the bedroom is a must, and they also have to be able to stand up to me. There's no room for a weak and timid mate in my life. Lucky for me, I've already found my perfect match.

Me : I'm glad to hear it, you seem to be quite a handful. So moving on, What's the most important thing in your life? What do you value the most?

Trey : Well obviously the most important thing in my life is my mate. Despite not getting on too well with my family, I'd still have to say I value them the most, and Megan also falls under that category.

Me : So family is important to you. What about life at the moment? What, if anything, would you like to change?

Trey : My life right now is perfect. Some would say that it shouldn't be, with all the chaos surrounding my daily life, but I enjoy the challenge. Would I change anything? The answer to that, would be no.

Me : Given your previous responses, I can understand that. How about where you would like to live?

Trey : There's no particular place I would like to live, but I don't intend on remaining with the panthers forever. Once this war is dealt with, I will take my mate and find a place of our own.

Me : That's probably for the best, given your new development, which everyone is soon to find out. On what occasion would you lie?

Trey : I don't lie, the truth is much more interesting. Sugarcoating facts is not my thing, if I have something to say then I will.

Me : Honesty is the best policy I suppose. How about possessions? What is your most treasured possession?

Trey : I don't really have a treasured possession as such, I love music so I guess you could say my I-POD, but it is my fifth replacement. I tend to spend most of the time crashing into things through battle, so its definitely not treasured.

Me : If you put it that way, I can see your point. A strange question here, how would you like to die?

Trey : I would like to die in battle. Going out peacefully isn't really my thing, and since I'm fairly hard to kill, unless you can get close enough to decapitate me, then I think I'll be sticking around for a very long time.

Me : I figured your response would be something along those lines. Do you have any heroes?

Trey : I don't really have a hero, if I admire anyone, that would be Peter. He puts up with all of us and welcomed me into his home, despite me being the most despised person among us. He even finances anything I need, no questions asked.

Me : I had the pleasure of interviewing Peter on a previous occasion, he is a very generous and patient man. We've already discussed death, what would you like it to say on your tombstone when the occasion finally arrives?

Trey : 'I will rise again' that sounds kind of cool and a little creepy, definitely something to scare the kids hanging out in the cemetery at night.

Me : It's definitely an usual thing to put on a tombstone. Last question, what is your motto?

Trey : 'Failure isn't an option' it's a choice' that is the motto I live by.

Me : It definitely fits your personality. Well thank you for your time Trey, its been an interesting interview. I'll let you get back to your day.

Trey : Thanks for having me, it's been entertaining.

So that's the end of our interview. I really enjoyed the questions I chose to ask him. Trey is my favorite character, and I know some of the readers have claimed the same. I hope you enjoyed reading it, Trey is featured in the first two books of the series, and a main character in the third which is soon to be released :)

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Character biography

I'm trying out some new posts for my characters, a little biography form that I came across inspired me so here goes :)
Name: Blake Deveraux
Parents: Anna and Justin Deveraux
Siblings: Devon Deveraux

History/ background: Blake has been around for many years serving under his father in their attempt to save unsuspecting females from Deacon's evil grasp. During his reign of retribution, Blake found his intended mate, and learned that she was in far more danger than any of Deacon's victims. Priorities altered, Blake took a career change, focusing all his attention on this unaware female of his destiny, and became her shadowed bodyguard. Waiting in the wings, Blake was ready to protect her at all costs.

Physical appearance: Dark brown, shoulder length hair, with deep green eyes set in a perfectly chiseled face.
Blake's six foot broad frame, is extremely muscular and he prefers to wear dark clothing, usually consisting of black or navy, snug fit T-shirts, black Levi's and black biker boots to complete the ensemble.

Personality: Blake isn't a very approachable person. His mean and moody appearance is not far short of his personality. It's not often that he smiles, although this gesture is usually reserved for Megan only. He has, on occasion, uttered a few witty sentences, but has a very limited sense of humor.

Intelligence: Blake is extremely intelligent, and would give wikipedia a run for it's money, but I suspect his knowledge is down to being around for a while.

Talents/skills: Blake's skills are in combat and he is a force to be reckoned with. Very few are able to match his talents and most don't live to tell the tale.

Failings: Blake's failing's are his hot temper. One wrong word will have him in a blazing fury.

Characteristics: Blake has a habit of dragging his hand through his luscious locks when he's stressed. Megan usually evokes this particular habit in him.

Why would you sympathise with him? : Blake faces many challenges when it comes to capturing the one he wants. His lack of ability to express his feelings towards her, had prevented their union for quite some time, and the countless times Megan, has endangered herself for the good of others, is also another good reason to sympathise with Blake, who was left distraught, and wondering if the love of his life would be taken away for good.

What attracts him to her? : Megan is Blake's destined mate, he has known this a whole lot longer than she has. Blake can't help his attraction to her, although I'm sure at times he wished he could. Since the first time he looked into her eyes, she became his world, and Blake will fight to the death, before he lets anything get in the way of that.

What does Blake want from life? : Blake wants what anyone else does. He wants to live his life with Megan, raising their children together in peace. He has lived a long time alone, knowing that she was his destiny, and he intends to make up for all those missed years apart.
Why is Blake a better person with Megan beside him? : He is no longer reckless now that he has another person to think about. She also calms his explosive temper, and he has become a lot more approachable with her influence.

So there is Blake's profile, I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about him :)