Sunday, 9 March 2014

Soul mates

With their paths already laid out for them (well their destined partners for life) I asked the cast of Twisted Bloodlines how they feel about having their future already mapped out for them. Here is what they had to say on the subject.

Megan : To be honest, it never really bothered me. Before Blake, I'd never had a boyfriend, so the whole experience was new to me. Once I laid eyes on him, I just knew he was the only one for me. There was nothing I could do about it, except embrace the feeling of finally finding the one who completes me.

Devon : Before Callie, I had no interest in finding a mate. I remember despising the thought of being bound to just one person for life, but now, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Sabrina : That is a no no, for me. I will choose my own destiny, I'm far too young to be tied down to one male, when there is a great big world full of them. If I do have the misfortune of finding this so called 'destined mate', then I will fight it all the way.

Trey : I suppose it depends on who it is. If they meet my requirements, then I've no problem spending the rest of my days with them.

Jase : It's not going to happen to me. There are far too many females out there, in need of my assistance. One female is not enough to fulfill my needs I'm afraid.

Callie : I guess it is rather like taking away your own choice of who to spend life with, but once you meet your destined mate, all that goes out the window. They call it your 'destined mate' for a reason, I know from my own experience that it is like finding the other half of you. You're left feeling whole, as though this is the moment you've been waiting for your entire life. Trust me, there is no other feeling like it.

Luke : I personally don't believe in destined mate's. Mage's are raised to believe that our parents will choose a suitable consort for us to live out our days with. Although I don't believe in that either. I will decide my own future, destiny and fate have nothing to do with it.

So there are a few of the casts opinions. I guess you just don't know until it happens to you. It's nice to think that we all have our soul mate out there somewhere, waiting, but the question is, will we ever find them?

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