Thursday, 30 January 2014


Olivia is the kind of woman who doesn't stand out in the crowd. Plain features and equally plain dress sense, the woman herself is far from plain. In fact, she's deadly. She could drain the life out of you in a blink of an eye and that's only one of her capabilities. For years she has watched over him from afar, they have conversed on several occasions, but like so many others her presence is soon forgotten to him. Olivia has watched so many pretty women come and go in his life and has envied each and every one of them. When he is faced with a life and death situation, she can hold back no longer. Emerging from the background, Olivia finds a way to insert herself into his life to protect him, but what will happen once she reveals herself to him? Will he welcome her with open arms, grateful for her assistance? Or will he shun her away like all the others? Follow the series to find out :)

New additions

Four new additions will be joining the cast of Twisted Bloodlines. A blast from the past, the girls are here to tempt the guys. Each hold their own history together whether they were aware of it or not and now the girls are back with a bang :) I'll be giving each of them their own post, let's see if you can tell which of the boys match up to the girls.
First up is Isobel. She is a female panther with a vengeance for a tragic act bestowed upon her family. The guy responsible is one that she hates with a passion, and yet he manages to draw her in every time they meet. Guilt rages inside of her for the unexplainable desire she holds towards the very man who has destroyed her family. Isobel would love nothing more than to witness or cause his demise, but she must maintain her distance from him or else give into the temptation which never fails to arise in his presence. Many years have past, and now she once again has to face him. Isobel is given an important task and only he can fulfill it. Determined to remain emotionally detached, she hunts him down but will Isobel be able to deliver the information and walk away with her pride intact? Follow the series to find out :) Books 1 & 2 of the Twisted Bloodlines series are available to purchase at most online stores.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Coming soon

I apologize for my absence lately but a new baby does tend to throw things off a little, I have a new post coming soon so watch this space :) I would like to hear from those of you who have read the second book in the series, what did you think? I'm busy getting the third book ready to go over for editing and the fourth is already rough drafted so it's a busy time all round :)