Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Book 3

Trey has always been troublesome. His actions and sharp tongue leave him in plenty of tricky situations. He may have bitten off more than he can chew when he wakes to find himself shackled in a dungeon cell. Lately an internal war has been raging inside him. The beast is fighting for control, tired of being contained and this situation isn't helping matters, neither is the seductive female in the cell across from him. There is something about her that calls to him, like a destined mate, but that can't be right, he's already bonded to the girl back home. Trey is in turmoil, torn between his feelings for the girl left behind and his insatiable desire toward the girl in front of him. She wants to escape and has included him in his plans. Unsure and currently unstable, Trey declines the offer but she won't be put off. Her plan is plausible but the downside is that Trey will have to be poisoned to achieve it. The temptress had no trouble convincing the guard to administer it, with a promise of a lust filled encounter. Unfortunately for him, it ended in his demise. In a race against time and a fight to survive the poison seeping through his veins, they escape the dungeon, only to fall victim to another captor. This time, they are not alone in the misfortune. Trey's friends have come in search of him and his former love has tagged along for the ride. Caged together, the two girl's green-eyed monsters rise and tempers flare. Unaware of the battle for his affections, Trey has succumbed to yet another admirer who will stop at nothing to transform him into an unstoppable beast, enslaved to her every whim. Will Trey's luck run out, or will he escape once again and make a choice between his love, or the girl that has captured his soul?

Monday, 14 December 2015

Book Two

Callie has lived a lonely life with no family to speak of. She has scraped by, securing a low paid job and a tiny flat but they are hers. On a rare night out in celebration of her birthday, Callie's life is set to change forever. Through one stupid mistake fueled by anger at the friend who humiliated her, and lust for the charming man who came to her aid,Callie follows the handsome stranger into the darkened alley and seals her fate. Not much time has passed since her freedom had been granted by the strange girl who released her from that terrifying ordeal. Though she is eternally grateful to have been welcomed into the home of her savior, Callie isn't entirely sure she is any safer with them. Confused to learn that she is surrounded by people that can transform into animals, is only part of her distress. The swirl of desperate need she feels toward one of the residents is enough to make her want to run for the hills. The odd behavior of a male resident has become unnerving. His advances toward her are unwanted and downright terrifying. Needing to get away from him, she flees. Escape however, is not that easy. It appears she has become the object of his affection and he is hot on her tail. As if history is repeating itself, Callie finds herself in yet another alley, trapped by the man who hunts her, and face to face with her original captor. Returned to the hellhole that plunged Callie into this world, she learns that beasts aren't the only things that exist out of the norm. Magic is very real and has been used against her. Callie finds that she has a family, one that is apparently evil to the core, inhuman and working for her captor. Escape is once again on the cards, aided by the mother she never knew she had, though it isn't done out of motherly love. Informed that she also holds magic deep inside her, Callie soon wishes she had remained an orphan when the rest of her family emerge into the equation. Times are tough for Callie, heartbreak and pain have become second nature to her. Trapped in a world she wished she'd never found, can she unleash the power within in time to save herself and her new found friends, or will this terrifying world of fantasy leave her paralysed with fear and forever vulnerable to the devil himself?

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Twisted Bloodlines Book 1

Megan has been on the run her entire life. She's moved homes more time's than she can remember, and all because her father is desperate to have custody of her. Megan and her twin brother Jase, have tried to make the best of it and just when she dared to think things had finally settled down, she encounters her father. Megan learns quickly that he isn't a doting dad wanting to spend time with his little girl. The man is pure evil. Had her mysterious knight in shinning armor not turned up that fateful day, Megan is sure that her life would have taken a turn for the worse. Another new home and the surprise uncovery of a boyfriend she never knew her mother had, proves difficult for Megan. She does however, make a friend in the boy next door, though he comes with a whole heap of trouble, but that's just a drop in the ocean. Megan's life is about to change completely. The appearance of the man who saved Megan from her father brings a whole new meaning to the life she once knew. She finds herself thrown into a world of fantasy,where fairy-tale beasts are real and pure evil surrounds them. If that wasn't enough, Megan soon learns that she, is also one of these beasts, no longer the human she thought she was. Tempers flare and emotions rage as she finds herself caught between a friend she loves dearly, and the handsome stranger who has captured her heart. Protected on all sides, she feels like a prisoner. Guilt and anger boil within for the lives put on hold because of her, because of her father. Escaping her protectors in rebellion, Megan soon realizes that her brilliant plan has backfired. She has traded the loving arms of her family and friends for torment and heartbreak. Her very soul has shredded under the evil that has created her. Does Megan have what it takes to fight against her Twisted Bloodline?

Monday, 10 August 2015

Author's note

I may have already mentioned this before but I will do so again. There has been some question about the content of the first book in the Twisted Bloodlines series. I'm aware it touches on some tricky and possibly disturbing subject matter for some people but I will stress that this is a book of fiction. The characters are not human they are animals. Anyone who has ever watched a wildlife program will know that they don't follow our way of thinking. So again fiction, animals, paranormal! And for those of you who are unsure whether to continue onto the next book it does contain milder content and moves away from that particular character. I hope this clears a few things up and thanks for listening. As always any questions you may have you can reach me on here, by email or on my other sites and I will get back to you :)

New charcter intro

In the fifth instalment of the Twisted Bloodlines series I have two final characters to introduce. I'll start with Leon:

This is Sabrina's wayward brother. She thought he had died many years previously but now he's back with a bang and seeking forgiveness for his past crimes. He has information that she can't process which  paints a very different picture of the family she thought she had known. Is she able to put differences aside and build bridges with the sibling she once loved? It is a difficult time for her and many obstacles stand in her way including this one:

In an unwanted turn of events and in the midst of dire situations Callum is uncovered and set to turn Sabrina's world upside down. Deeply attracted to him she feels the familiar stirring of a mate claim and it couldn't have come at a worst time. She tries to deny him protecting her fragile heart from his advances but the cocky panther refuses to be ignored. Callum has found what he's been searching for and intends to hold on to her with everything he's got.
The stage has been set and Sabrina is upfront and centre. Don't miss the final instalment of the explosive ending to what has been an emotional rollercoaster ride!

                                    THE TWISTED BLOODLINES SERIES FINALE


Sunday, 31 May 2015

New review

Check out this new review of Twisted Bloodlines from the Book Butterfly in Dreamland blog

Whoa,that was intense! I thought that Garrison from Airicka Phoenix's Touch Saga was the worst of the worst .Oh no,not anymore. I think Megan's father, Deacon tops the charts when it comes to the vilest of villians.At the very begining you geta glimpse of the type pf man he is and it leaves you holding your breath praying he never gets his hands on Megan again.The sad part of all this is that although this is fiction,the autrosities that take place in the story really does happen in the real world we live in just minus the paranormal aspects. My heart shurts for the women who sufferd under Deacon's command. Now Megan and her mate must find a way to overcome inevitable and unseen obstacles and decide if love is strong enough to defeat twisted bloodlines.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A quote

Here is a quote Megan lives by. I think it suits her situation perfectly don't you agree?

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Introducing Lucy

Lucy joins the cast in book 5 of the Twisted Bloodlines series. Bright red hair green eyes and a sprinkling of freckles across her nose she's adorable but don't let her appearance fool you. Lucy is a mage and a quite powerful one at that. She's also highly strung and easily offended. Somewhat of a loner she appears to be a stranger to affection but if you show her loyalty and respect she will be by your side in a heartbeat should you have need of her talents. Her debut in the book details this and Lucy becomes fast friends with Sabrina.
Caught up in the brewing war for her good deed Lucy finds herself thrown in at the deep end with a race who despises her very existence but also a surprising turn of events that is completely foreign to her. Surrounded by people she doesn't know will their heartbreaking situation enlist her for the battle ahead or will she leave them to fight their own troubles and continue on in ignorant bliss?
Follow the series to find out :)

Thursday, 23 April 2015

An excerpt from Temptations From The Past

Here is an excerpt from the fourth installment in the series Temptations From the Past enjoy :)

I watch as Becky stands against the wall. Her hands still grasp the shredded remains of the blouse as if her life depended on it. Her body once again trembles violently as I near where she stands. Her earlier relaxed stance has completely vanished with my approach. I know that I must be a fearsome sight. My teeth have lengthened along with my claws. I can feel the muscles flexing across my face, distorting my appearance as the beast fights for its escape. The sight of her terrified expression both thrills and disgusts me but doesn’t deter me from my destination.
There are only a few inches left between us. Her breath hitches and I can see the fear shinning in those blue eyes. I extend my hand towards her, letting a lengthened claw trail across her cheek, descending further towards the swell of her breasts. The scent of her fear fills the air and her eyes widen further. I can tell she wants to speak by the tremble of her lips, no doubt wanting to warn me away. My advances are no longer welcome. But she is paralysed in terror of my intentions. However, Becky is unaware of the war raging inside me as I regard her. The sensible side of my personality is rapidly fighting a losing battle against the beast urging me on. And Becky is going to be its first meal.


Here are some of the reviews for Twisted Bloodlines :)

"This book was well written and kept you on the edge of your seat. Linda made you laugh and cry her characters were so well written. They were well rounded and they were, as all people are, perfectly imperfect. You hated and loved the fact that the end of the book arrived. I look forward to reading more by her. I highly recommend this book and author!" 

"This book was awesome it was full of suspense areas where it made you laugh out loud and twists and turns that kept you on the edge making it hard to put the book down a must read..."

"This book was an awesome read. It made me laugh and cry. I caught myself trying to tell her no, that is too dangerous, out loud. I couldn't put it down. I hope there is more on the way, I need more of her story. LOVED IT. LOVED IT."

"Loved this book. Best thing about it was the soul mate and the in the moment feeling that it gives you." 

"I loved the story line and the characters were captivating. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series." 
 "Great book twisted plots and engaging characters. Could not put it down."

"This is a must read had me hooked from the beginning loved it would recommend to anyone great story line." 


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

An entry from Megan's diary

We all remember the conflicting emotions surrounding the love triangle between Megan, Blake and Trey but the issue was solved when Trey's forced bond upon Megan was broken, or was it? Here is a recent diary entry of Megan's and in light of things it is very conflicting indeed! A little hint of what is to come in the fifth installment of the Twisted Bloodlines series :)

Click on the image to enlarge for easier reading :)

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Twisted Bloodlines trailer

I've made a trailer for the series what do you think?


With the release of the fourth instalment in the series I'm sure by now you know there is a traitor among them but who could it be? Let's look at some of the facts and possible suspects. We know the traitor is female and lives in the house. She reports everything back to Deacon but the problem is every female in the house appears to hate him with a vengeance.
Megan for obvious reasons couldn't possibly be reporting to him could she? Her entire life was spent being chased by him. Could it be a case of Stockholm syndrome?
Callie another of his victims surely isn't the candidate though she was in fact attracted to him when they first crossed paths could that still be the case?
Beth fled from him years ago to protect her children and almost burned in her own house after he set it alight.Why would she jeopardise it all now?
Sabrina seeks revenge for the slaughter of her family by his hand. Is it possible that she is using some kind of psychological play? Pretending to be his informant and gaining his trust before going in for the kill.
Talia is also an unlikely suspect. Having been held captive for several years what reason could she possibly have to turn against those who took her in? And don't forget had it not been for Albert's intervention she would have probably died by his hand. That doesn't make for a very good partnership now does it?
Of course I know who the traitor is and it will soon be revealed to you all in the next instalment so you'll have to wait and see for yourselves but I would be interested in hearing your guesses as to who you think it is so drop your comments in the box below :)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Friday, 6 March 2015

Temptations from the past blurb

Now to introduce you to the fourth installment in the Twisted Bloodlines series. Temptations from the past is due for release on the 16th of this month with the cover reveal to come shortly but what I can reveal now is the blurb. Enjoy :)

They say never return to the past, but what if the past returns to you?
Sean’s job is to return Becky to the human world where she belongs. He had no way of knowing his past would threaten to drag him back into the murky depths of his youth. The beast that he has fought so hard to control has slipped its leash and is ready to resurface thanks to the female that has shadowed his entire life.
Now that she’s back, all of Sean’s efforts to retain his humanity are shattered. Previously forbidden to him, she offers herself on a silver platter, playing to his male weaknesses. Should he succumb to her wishes, there is a heavy price to pay - his very soul.
Tempting him at every opportunity, his quest to return Becky is rapidly losing its importance. His brothers are along for the ride and being hunted by a mage with a vengeance. Sean desperately wants to fight alongside them and take revenge for the price laid on his brother’s head.

But the temptress from the past is ensuring that all his attention is on her.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Curses And Deception excerpt

With the fourth book in the series soon to be released I thought I'd post a little snippet from the third book Curses And Deception. Enjoy :)

After a few more miles, the building comes into view, and the unfamiliar scent in the air warns me that we have visitors. Devon takes position beside me, while our father decides to stand up front. His chivalry makes no impression on me, he could have his throat torn out in our defence and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid, much less mourn him. Several other scents join the first, leading me to believe that our visitors are set on an ambush. So be it. The temperature drops around us as the first of the mages steps out into view. Stunningly beautiful in a deadly sort of way, she regards us. Her long, dark braided hair rests across one shoulder, and her six-foot figure is dressed from head to toe in skin-tight black leather, which doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Focussing on her face, deep green eyes stare back at me, very familiar eyes. She bears a striking resemblance to Sapphire, and I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.
A smirk spreads across her face, and she thrusts her hand out in my direction, eyes flickering yellow. She launches her attack and I dodge the blast coming at me, then charge towards her, intent on subduing her. My father attempts to attack her, and changing course, I crash into him instead.
“Blake, what the hell are you doing?” Devon roars in my mind. Ignoring him, I avoid my father’s strike, while keeping my gaze trained on the female in front of me. The rest of her little army emerge from the trees, surrounding us.
She regards me curiously, holding her hand out to still her men’s advance. “Shift back,” she commands. I’m not so sure that’s such a good idea. If she binds my panther, I will be at their mercy.
“Blake!” Devon roars, angry at my halt of attack. I shift back, standing before her, watching for the female’s reaction. Her eyes widen with recognition. Damn Sapphire for this.
I can sense her anger build, she glares in my direction, strands of her hair coming loose from the tight braid across her shoulder, in the cool breeze floating across us. Her eyes roam over me, a mixture of disgust, and resentment seeping into their green depths. Could she have been seeking me? The display of resentment, due to having spent her years without my presence? Her lips draw into a thin line, and she turns to the man nearest to her, “we’re leaving, these panthers are not worthy of our sweat. Leave them to the mages. I know they won’t be picky about dispersing of these foul creatures, they never are. I, have standards,” she declares through clenched teeth. I don’t know if her choice to depart is because of learning who I am, and judging by the anger that remains blazing in her eyes, I don’t think she’s too happy about it. Although there is a chance that her claim is true. I have come across people who only battle with what they deem, as a worthy opponent, although they are an extremely small minority.
The man’s brows knit together, confused by her reaction. He glances towards me, hands fisted by his sides, clearly still eager to do battle. A low growl escapes her,

“I said we’re leaving Ethan. Do you dare to cross me?” she questions, her eyes flickering to yellow, in warning. His posture loosens as he regards her. He gives a small shake of his head, the blonde child-like curls, bobbing up, and down with the movement.

Cover reveal!

The fourth installment in the Twisted Bloodlines series is soon to be released. Come on over to the girls heart book tours website and sign up for the cover reveal :) I've seen the cover and it's amazing! See you over there :)

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Twisted Bloodlines review

The Twisted Bloodlines series is almost at the end of its tour and I have two more links for you to check out :)

This one is an excerpt for you to check out:

And this one is a review of all three books in the series. I loved it, go on over and check it out :)

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Tour posts

Here are some more blogs that are hosting the Twisted Bloodlines tour for you to check out.
On this post you can check out my characters bio's :

This one shows my top five favorite series:

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There are more to follow so go on over and check them out :)

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The tour has begun!

The Twisted Bloodlines tour has begun! I am posting two links to blogs that have taken part and are hosting an author spotlight feature where you can learn a little about me, and the other has an excerpt from the third in the series 'Curses and Deception'. Links are as follows so go on over and check them out :) Other posts are scheduled in the next few days and I will post links as and when they arise.


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Tour participation

If any bloggers would like to take part in the Twisted Bloodlines tour, follow the link below and scroll to the bottom of the post, and enter your details :)

Twisted Bloodlines is on tour!

The Twisted Bloodlines series is on tour! Take a trip over to the lovely Melissa Simmons blog, and check it out, as well as other great authors! Follow the link below and show some support :)

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Series update

It's been a while since I've posted due to a little uncertainty with publishing, and I can now tell you, that Moon Rose Publishing, which is who my books are published under, have merged with Side Street Cookie Publishing. Tyffani Clark, is now my publisher, and has set out some very exciting things for the series. There will be a fourteen day tour, with various posts, and interviews regarding the series, plus some special added extras including excerpts, so stay tuned for that. The release date for the fourth book in the series has also been set for 16th March 2015. I know some of you, have been eagerly awaiting that information :) This will also be followed by a three day release blast, I will give further details nearer the time, so keep checking back for updates. You can also get the first three in the series at a new lower price. I'm posting the links for Amazon UK, and US, for the first book, and you should be able to find the rest from there :


Why not go and check out Tyffani's page as well, and hit like :)

As always, any questions you have, I'm happy to answer. I will update, as and when, I receive them. Happy reading :)