Sunday, 16 February 2014

The infants of Twisted Bloodlines

We always hear about the adults of Twisted Bloodlines, but what of their offspring? What is it like for the infants growing up in the house? There are already four of them at present, with four more on the way. Lilly and Mason, who are Blake and Megan's twins, will no doubt be spoiled rotten. In fact, they already are. Their grandma dotes on them 24-7, and the abundance of uncles surrounding them, means they are never without cuddles. Of course the threat hanging over their mother's head, is in fact also hanging over theirs, especially Lilly's. Blake has his work cut out for him, he must be on 24 hour alert, never settling, in fear of losing the family he waited so long for. Paul's twins, Lucas and Jeremy, are that little bit older. Nearing their first birthday, the novelty of being a new-born baby has worn off. Although their grandma has always been a little more distant with the boys, the tension between Beth and her eldest son, preventing the usual bonding that occurs between grandparents and their grandchildren.
I suppose the most eagerly awaited arrival will be that of Callie, and Devon's, unborn offspring. With a mixed heritage, they will make very interesting characters indeed. They should be fairly safe, regarding the panther side of things, they won't be able to shift for many years to come, hopefully. But the magic element, now that I'm looking forward to. Who knows what accidental damage a toddler will cause, using untrained magic. I should imagine they will all be on tenterhooks, ready to defend themselves against the pint sized twosome.
It's not exactly an ideal situation to bring new life into. The daily threat of Deacon, launching an attack, or even managing to stow away with one of the innocent infants, is a high possibility. But hasn't he destroyed enough of their lives? Don't they deserve to be happy, raising the family they have always dreamed of? All I know is, it definitely makes for good reading material :)


  1. Good luck Linda, looks great. :)

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    1. Strange how, Henry? The post is related to the characters in my book, and it's just a bit of fun, bringing them a little more into reality with the readers.