Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Drawn to him from an early age, Lydia's desire became overwhelming. Reduced to stalking him from the shadows, she watched him with a different female every night, discarding them like used tissues before moving onto the next one. He disgusted her and yet Lydia's jealousy raged inside of her, wishing it was her he had chosen instead of them. How could fate be so cruel to her? An opportunity arose, she could get rid of her insane desire towards him, and at the same time extract the revenge which has been building within her for years. Her plan is set in motion and he has walked straight into her trap, but it seems the tables have been turned. The opportunity that was given to her, appears to have been refunded back to the owner and now they are both trapped. With her safety measures no longer in place, its time for Lydia to confront her fear, and he's not very happy with her right now :) The Twisted Bloodlines series, don't miss out:)

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