Monday, 24 February 2014

The fashionable females of Twisted Bloodlines

Every girl loves to shop, and the females of Twisted Bloodlines are no exception. Despite being limited to online shopping for obvious reasons, these girls love to shop and they shop hard! Even though they rarely step out in public, the girls have wardrobes busting at the seams full of clothing and accessories. Here are a few examples of the ladies clothing, to give you an idea of what these females sense of style is.
Megan prefers the casual approach, and has no problem strutting around, in over-sized sweatshirts and ripped jeans. It probably makes running for your life, a little bit easier, than tottering in a pair of nine inch heels.
Beth, although older than the rest, still likes to look pretty for Peter, and lets face it, before she fell pregnant, she definitely had the figure for it. Unlike her daughter Megan, she prefers the more feminine approach, and her wardrobe is stuffed full of dresses, long and knee length, with perfectly matching accessories for each outfit.

Callie also likes feminine clothing, and goes for the gypsy style. Quite fitting really, considering she is after all a mage. With her petite figure and height, she looks every bit as innocent as she really is. I half expect her to wear a daisy chain in her hair, to complete her peace loving look.

Talia prefers the glamours look, but also with a touch of danger. Despite being constantly on the run from her enemies, she chooses to wear spiked shoes, which can also be useful as a weapon, and likes darker tones such as black and purple.

Last of all is Sabrina. She is a jeans and hoody kind of girl. Probably the least feminine of the females, choosing the tom-boy look instead. Comfort is her main concern when it comes to her wardrobe, but it suits her well, and doesn't diminish her beauty.

So there you have it, hopefully my little fashion parade gives you some kind of idea what your favorite females look like on an everyday basis.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Boys and their toys

 We hear a little about the males of Twisted Bloodlines, and their vehicles throughout the story. Who can forget Blake's heroic rescues, on his beloved Harley-Davidson VRSC.
He tends to it, like he would a lover. Probably, because it seems to spend an awful amount of time, skidding across the tarmac as he leaps to defend his damsel in distress. The bodywork must need regular maintenance, especially when inexperienced naughty residents of the house, stow away on it in the middle of the night, and add to the poor Harley's abuse :)
And what of Jase's car?

His prized possession Ford Mustang seems to be in regular use, and receives its fair share of damage. Usually in high speed chases, or when people rudely land on top of it, and start an all out brawl. Poor Jase is left regularly distraught, by the state of his car. Maybe he should start considering investing in a bus pass :)
You may remember when Blake and Devon first arrived. They did so separately, Blake on his Harley and Devon in his Mercedes Benz                                                                                                                        

For someone who has such a lovely car, he rarely uses it. Okay, it only has two seats, not very convenient once the twins arrive but Devon seems quite content to leave it gathering dust in the driveway. Why is this? Well, I can tell you that Devon is somewhat jinxed, when it comes to technology. He only has to turn the ignition and things start to go wrong. Two days after he brought the car, he hit a speed bump too fast and ripped the exhaust clean off. He even forgot his strength once, wrenching the wheel too hard as he turned the corner, snapping the steering column. I think its fair to say that Devon has made a wise decision, choosing to become a passenger instead.

Luke's car is like his personality, cool and sleek. Not much damage occurs to Luke or his car, he leaves the high speed chases to the other's. Choosing to cruise along behind, and step in only when its absolutely necessary. He doesn't however hold an attachment to his BMW convertible. Cars to Luke are a dime a dozen, and easily replaced. To him they are simply a mode of transport, and of no importance at all.
Peter's Mitsubishi pick-up truck is somewhat a prized possession of his. He doesn't spend as much time as Jase and Blake do, polishing and buffing away for hours until you can see your face in the gleaming paintwork, but he does keep it well maintained and clean. A bit like how he runs the household, despite his claim that he doesn't think he's a leader :) It's also extremely handy that the back is so spacious, since they do tend to move quite a lot and need a regular mode of transport for their essential belongings.
So there you have it, expensive shiny toys for our boys, you didn't really expect anything else did you?


Monday, 17 February 2014

So what hobbies do these shape-shifting warriors have, to pass the time?

With life being a constant battle of survival, what do the cast of Twisted Bloodlines do, to pass the time when things are quiet on the home front? I asked a few of them, and here is what they had to say on the subject:
Megan, a woman after my own heart, loves to read. She has a vast collection of books, in varied genres and claims that if she doesn't get to read regularly, she breaks out in a sweat. A little drastic, but I get where she's coming from.
Blake, naturally likes to workout. With the newly installed gym equipment that Peter so kindly supplied, Blake can be found down in the basement, shirtless and sweaty. Mmm, definitely fires up the imagination!
Callie has a love of gardening, although given the circumstances, she isn't allowed out on the grounds unless accompanied. So she makes do, with a small indoor green house that Devon put together for her. She admits he's very good with his hands. I'll bet he is :)
Trey admits that his favorite hobby, lies in the bedroom. Not much else entertains him. If he isn't fighting, then that is the only thing he'd rather be doing. Why does that not surprise me?
Devon, claims he's somewhat of a couch potato. When he isn't tending to his mate's needs, he loves nothing more than to park himself in front of the big screen, and veg out. A close second is eating, he is a growing man after all.
Jase, a lot like Blake, also enjoys working out, but his ultimate passion (other than the females) is his car. He can spend hours cleaning, and finely tuning his prized possession. Let's hope he puts in as much effort with the ladies :)
Talia's favorite past-time, used to be the male species. Now that she is settled down, so to speak, she finds herself at a loose end. Although I should imagine, her time is taken up with her significant other.
Sabrina reveals that she enjoys perfecting her combat skills, and when she's not doing that, Sabrina will indulge in endless hours of yoga. She claims, it's always good to be limber, when searching for a prospective partner. Cheeky little puppy :)
Lastly, Luke admits that when he's not battling evil, he spends his time working with his magic, and seeing just how much pain he can inflict upon himself, without causing a fatality. Definitely not my choice of a hobby, but hey, who am I to judge?
So there you have it, relatively normal hobbies for the least normal people I know. (obviously Luke is an exception, but I wouldn't have him any other way)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The infants of Twisted Bloodlines

We always hear about the adults of Twisted Bloodlines, but what of their offspring? What is it like for the infants growing up in the house? There are already four of them at present, with four more on the way. Lilly and Mason, who are Blake and Megan's twins, will no doubt be spoiled rotten. In fact, they already are. Their grandma dotes on them 24-7, and the abundance of uncles surrounding them, means they are never without cuddles. Of course the threat hanging over their mother's head, is in fact also hanging over theirs, especially Lilly's. Blake has his work cut out for him, he must be on 24 hour alert, never settling, in fear of losing the family he waited so long for. Paul's twins, Lucas and Jeremy, are that little bit older. Nearing their first birthday, the novelty of being a new-born baby has worn off. Although their grandma has always been a little more distant with the boys, the tension between Beth and her eldest son, preventing the usual bonding that occurs between grandparents and their grandchildren.
I suppose the most eagerly awaited arrival will be that of Callie, and Devon's, unborn offspring. With a mixed heritage, they will make very interesting characters indeed. They should be fairly safe, regarding the panther side of things, they won't be able to shift for many years to come, hopefully. But the magic element, now that I'm looking forward to. Who knows what accidental damage a toddler will cause, using untrained magic. I should imagine they will all be on tenterhooks, ready to defend themselves against the pint sized twosome.
It's not exactly an ideal situation to bring new life into. The daily threat of Deacon, launching an attack, or even managing to stow away with one of the innocent infants, is a high possibility. But hasn't he destroyed enough of their lives? Don't they deserve to be happy, raising the family they have always dreamed of? All I know is, it definitely makes for good reading material :)

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Interview with Peter

I decided it was time that Peter came under the spot light for once. His role is more of a backseat one at the moment, when in fact he is the glue holding it all together. So let's get started shall we :)
Me: So Peter, you and Beth had a troublesome beginning to your relationship, but your determination seems to have paid off.
Peter: Yes it did, i'm an extremely lucky man.
Me: Indeed, but tell me Peter, how has it been for you, sharing your family home with.... well lets face it, complete strangers?
Peter: I'd hardly call them strangers. I've known Beth's children, for as long as I've known her.
Me: But not Paul and Sean?
Peter: Well no, but I've observed them from a distance. Blake and Devon are also no strangers to me, I've known them since they were young boys.
Me: Okay then, what about Trey and the other's? They are only recent acquaintances aren't they?
Peter: Well yes, but we're all fighting for the same cause. I admit it can be a little hectic at times, but I'm sure any household has it's moments.
Me: That is true I suppose. This cause you mention, it is to protect Megan right? Do you not find this a strain on your life, having to put your own wants and needs aside, to protect her?
Peter: Of course not, Megan is my daughter, and besides, she's only a small part of why we are fighting.
Me: Ah, yes. That's right, you were fighting Deacon, long before you met Beth. Do you believe, that you stand a chance against him?
Peter: Absolutely. We all have a variety of strengths, and our passion and determination will see us through.
Me: Gotta have faith right? Is it true that once you've mated, they become your sole priority?
Peter: That is true, much like when humans become married. Your spouse, becomes priority over any other person.
Me: Yes well, that isn't always the case but if your mate is sole priority, how are you strong enough to defeat Deacon? Wouldn't all your focus lie with the whereabouts, and well being of your mate? How in this situation could you unite, and defend the other's in battle, when your mind is elsewhere?
Peter: Because it is for our mate's survival that we are doing this, no female is safe while Deacon still lives.
Me: I suppose I can see the logic there. Moving on, I see that none of you are currently employed. How do you all manage to survive? Hunt for your food?
Peter: I use my family inheritance to support everyone.
Me: That's very generous of you. So whatever they require, you supply?
Peter: That's right.
Me: Why? Would it not be better to encourage them to find jobs, so that they can contribute their share?
Peter: It isn't ideal for any of us to be in the public eye, especially with the threat of Deacon hanging over us. Callie was only out in public for a short amount of time before Deacon found her. It's not a risk I'm prepared to take.
Me: Again, I commend you on your generosity towards them. Some may view you as the glue that holds it all together. The Don of the house, so to speak.
Peter: I don't view myself as any sort of leader. We are all individuals in the house.
Me: The house that you provided, along with the money that you supply, and since you're a stepfather to four of the residents, I'd say you definitely play a major role in the swing of things. Not forgetting that you also hold the vital contacts that inform you of anything coming your way.
Peter: Okay, I guess since you laid it all out, I do kind of look like a leader. It's not by choice however, I've no desire to lead anyone, I'm just assisting where ever I can.
Me: And will you be assisting with night-time feeds? Congratulations on soon becoming a father. How is it that you've never had children before? Forgive me for saying this, but you are extremely old, surely Beth isn't the only woman you have come across in your lifetime.
Peter: You're forgiven, and yes, I will be assisting Beth in any way I can. You're right in saying that Beth isn't the only woman I've ever been with, but she is the only one that has ever been of any importance to me, and of course Beth is my destined mate, which is why it has taken this long to become a father.
Me: So you can only conceive with your destined mate?
Peter: You can conceive with another, but it is usually unsuccessful or takes quite a lot of time when it is with someone outside of your breed. As you know, Beth is human and although she is my mate, it has taken time for us to conceive because we are not of the same breed.
Me: Well I'm glad you've finally found your match Peter. It's been a pleasure interviewing you, and learning a little more about the world you live in. I wish you all the best in your upcoming battle against Deacon, let's hope you eliminate him for good, and finally get the peace you all seek.
Peter: You're most welcome. I'm glad I could enlighten you.

So there you have it, a very patient man, to be able to put up with my pushy reporter techniques. I hope you enjoyed the interview and learned a little about the world of Twisted Bloodlines :)

Friday, 14 February 2014

What is it like being a female, in a house full of regularly naked males?

Since the males of Twisted Bloodlines spend the majority of the time naked due to their nature, I decided to interview some of the female residents on how this affected them. Whether or not they felt jealous, due to their mates prize possessions being on display, or even embarrassed, by the abundance of naked flesh surrounding them on a daily basis. Here is what they had to say on the subject :
The majority of the male residents happen to be Megan's siblings, so she admitted to spending most of her time averting her gaze, and is definitely embarrassed when it comes to her stepfather Peter, stripping down to his birthday suit. When asked on the subject of jealousy, Megan said it isn't really an issue regarding the other females towards her, but she admits that the green-eyed monster does rear its head occasionally, when other females admire her mate in his naked glory.
Callie being an extremely shy person, goes out of her way to avoid catching sight of the males when they relieve themselves of their clothing. As for the jealousy side of things, the other females in the house, know they have nothing to be concerned about when it comes to her admiring their mates. Callie admits that she doesn't mind if they admire her mate's nakedness, she remembers how she felt when she only saw him half naked. Callie says she trusts the females in the house, and most of all, she trusts her mate.
Talia, is a different story altogether. She claims, that she loves being able to admire all of the naked flesh in the house, much to the dislike of her mate, and yet admits that she is insanely jealous if any of the females, even accidentally, look at her mate without his clothing. Rather unfair if you ask me :)
Bree has no issues with male nudity. She claims, that being the leader of an army, consisting of purely males, where you're in each others company 24-7, means that you get to see your fair share of naked flesh. The time for embarrassment, came and went a long time ago she admits. Since Bree doesn't have a mate, jealousy is also not an issue, neither is her admiration of the males in the household, her opinion on them is that they have nothing she hasn't already seen before.
The last of our interviewees is Sabrina. She admits that like Talia, she also loves being surrounded by the naked males, but she doesn't flaunt it. She keeps her wandering eyes on a low profile, so as not to cause upset among the female residents of the house. She doesn't have a mate, so jealousy doesn't come into it, although after this interview, she may have stirred the green-eyed monster among the mated females, who have until now, been unsuspecting of Sabrina's attention on their mate's naked bodies.

Monday, 10 February 2014

The Twisted Bloodlines Valentine post

With Valentines day approaching, I thought i'd do a fun post on what the males of the cast, might do for their prospective loved one's on Valentines day. Blake, is not very romantic, but he is fiercely loyal, and devoted to the one he loves.He's most likely to keep things simple, a small card and possibly a box of chocolates, followed by a mumbled greeting of 'happy valentines day.' He doesn't see the need for days like these, he'd rather spend hours between the sheets,showing just how much he loves you. Devon, is the total opposite of his brother. He would most likely arrange a candle lit dinner, and have a huge bunch of roses for you. Probably even an equally huge box of chocolates to go with them, making his valentine feel as though they are the most cherished person on the planet. Jase, being the ladies man that he is, would also probably arrange a meal, with lots of champagne to lighten the mood.His gift would most likely be a dozen red roses and sexy lingerie, followed by a night in a hotel, where he can receive the full benefit of his gift. Trey, is more likely to give a small bunch of randomly picked flowers. You would get chocolate, but it would be in the form of a body buffet, dinner having been skipped and taking desert straight to the bedroom. Where most lucky women get a pampered bath to relax in, you would need to head straight for the shower. Paul, would buy every kind of gift available for Valentines day, he would also arrange a meal, but as for the romance, there most likely won't be any. He has this in common with Blake, but he would be more than willing to show you what he's capable of in the bedroom. Luke, wouldn't bother with gifts or arranging a meal. He would however, charm you into his bed, probably whether you wanted to or not, he's extremely persuasive. Sean, wouldn't bother with any of it, he is most likely to remain in his room, until the day is over. Which of these Valentines would you want? I know who would be my choice :)

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Drawn to him from an early age, Lydia's desire became overwhelming. Reduced to stalking him from the shadows, she watched him with a different female every night, discarding them like used tissues before moving onto the next one. He disgusted her and yet Lydia's jealousy raged inside of her, wishing it was her he had chosen instead of them. How could fate be so cruel to her? An opportunity arose, she could get rid of her insane desire towards him, and at the same time extract the revenge which has been building within her for years. Her plan is set in motion and he has walked straight into her trap, but it seems the tables have been turned. The opportunity that was given to her, appears to have been refunded back to the owner and now they are both trapped. With her safety measures no longer in place, its time for Lydia to confront her fear, and he's not very happy with her right now :) The Twisted Bloodlines series, don't miss out:)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


How far will a woman go to protect herself? Sienna is a woman who would go the whole distance to take care of number one. Entering his life at an early age, she taunted and teased him until his head was completely messed up. Several years have passed and the opportunity to reunite with him has arrived, but it appears he's on to her little game. Stronger and more handsome than ever, its her turn to fear him, and he's not holding back. He seeks revenge on her for the past and seducing him doesn't appear to be working in her favor, neither is playing the part of a woman tragically wronged by the devil himself. With her plan backfiring, will Sienna be able to complete her bid for freedom? Or will she become enslaved to the twisted man she helped create all those years ago? Read on to find out :)