Saturday, 15 February 2014

Interview with Peter

I decided it was time that Peter came under the spot light for once. His role is more of a backseat one at the moment, when in fact he is the glue holding it all together. So let's get started shall we :)
Me: So Peter, you and Beth had a troublesome beginning to your relationship, but your determination seems to have paid off.
Peter: Yes it did, i'm an extremely lucky man.
Me: Indeed, but tell me Peter, how has it been for you, sharing your family home with.... well lets face it, complete strangers?
Peter: I'd hardly call them strangers. I've known Beth's children, for as long as I've known her.
Me: But not Paul and Sean?
Peter: Well no, but I've observed them from a distance. Blake and Devon are also no strangers to me, I've known them since they were young boys.
Me: Okay then, what about Trey and the other's? They are only recent acquaintances aren't they?
Peter: Well yes, but we're all fighting for the same cause. I admit it can be a little hectic at times, but I'm sure any household has it's moments.
Me: That is true I suppose. This cause you mention, it is to protect Megan right? Do you not find this a strain on your life, having to put your own wants and needs aside, to protect her?
Peter: Of course not, Megan is my daughter, and besides, she's only a small part of why we are fighting.
Me: Ah, yes. That's right, you were fighting Deacon, long before you met Beth. Do you believe, that you stand a chance against him?
Peter: Absolutely. We all have a variety of strengths, and our passion and determination will see us through.
Me: Gotta have faith right? Is it true that once you've mated, they become your sole priority?
Peter: That is true, much like when humans become married. Your spouse, becomes priority over any other person.
Me: Yes well, that isn't always the case but if your mate is sole priority, how are you strong enough to defeat Deacon? Wouldn't all your focus lie with the whereabouts, and well being of your mate? How in this situation could you unite, and defend the other's in battle, when your mind is elsewhere?
Peter: Because it is for our mate's survival that we are doing this, no female is safe while Deacon still lives.
Me: I suppose I can see the logic there. Moving on, I see that none of you are currently employed. How do you all manage to survive? Hunt for your food?
Peter: I use my family inheritance to support everyone.
Me: That's very generous of you. So whatever they require, you supply?
Peter: That's right.
Me: Why? Would it not be better to encourage them to find jobs, so that they can contribute their share?
Peter: It isn't ideal for any of us to be in the public eye, especially with the threat of Deacon hanging over us. Callie was only out in public for a short amount of time before Deacon found her. It's not a risk I'm prepared to take.
Me: Again, I commend you on your generosity towards them. Some may view you as the glue that holds it all together. The Don of the house, so to speak.
Peter: I don't view myself as any sort of leader. We are all individuals in the house.
Me: The house that you provided, along with the money that you supply, and since you're a stepfather to four of the residents, I'd say you definitely play a major role in the swing of things. Not forgetting that you also hold the vital contacts that inform you of anything coming your way.
Peter: Okay, I guess since you laid it all out, I do kind of look like a leader. It's not by choice however, I've no desire to lead anyone, I'm just assisting where ever I can.
Me: And will you be assisting with night-time feeds? Congratulations on soon becoming a father. How is it that you've never had children before? Forgive me for saying this, but you are extremely old, surely Beth isn't the only woman you have come across in your lifetime.
Peter: You're forgiven, and yes, I will be assisting Beth in any way I can. You're right in saying that Beth isn't the only woman I've ever been with, but she is the only one that has ever been of any importance to me, and of course Beth is my destined mate, which is why it has taken this long to become a father.
Me: So you can only conceive with your destined mate?
Peter: You can conceive with another, but it is usually unsuccessful or takes quite a lot of time when it is with someone outside of your breed. As you know, Beth is human and although she is my mate, it has taken time for us to conceive because we are not of the same breed.
Me: Well I'm glad you've finally found your match Peter. It's been a pleasure interviewing you, and learning a little more about the world you live in. I wish you all the best in your upcoming battle against Deacon, let's hope you eliminate him for good, and finally get the peace you all seek.
Peter: You're most welcome. I'm glad I could enlighten you.

So there you have it, a very patient man, to be able to put up with my pushy reporter techniques. I hope you enjoyed the interview and learned a little about the world of Twisted Bloodlines :)

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