Friday, 14 February 2014

What is it like being a female, in a house full of regularly naked males?

Since the males of Twisted Bloodlines spend the majority of the time naked due to their nature, I decided to interview some of the female residents on how this affected them. Whether or not they felt jealous, due to their mates prize possessions being on display, or even embarrassed, by the abundance of naked flesh surrounding them on a daily basis. Here is what they had to say on the subject :
The majority of the male residents happen to be Megan's siblings, so she admitted to spending most of her time averting her gaze, and is definitely embarrassed when it comes to her stepfather Peter, stripping down to his birthday suit. When asked on the subject of jealousy, Megan said it isn't really an issue regarding the other females towards her, but she admits that the green-eyed monster does rear its head occasionally, when other females admire her mate in his naked glory.
Callie being an extremely shy person, goes out of her way to avoid catching sight of the males when they relieve themselves of their clothing. As for the jealousy side of things, the other females in the house, know they have nothing to be concerned about when it comes to her admiring their mates. Callie admits that she doesn't mind if they admire her mate's nakedness, she remembers how she felt when she only saw him half naked. Callie says she trusts the females in the house, and most of all, she trusts her mate.
Talia, is a different story altogether. She claims, that she loves being able to admire all of the naked flesh in the house, much to the dislike of her mate, and yet admits that she is insanely jealous if any of the females, even accidentally, look at her mate without his clothing. Rather unfair if you ask me :)
Bree has no issues with male nudity. She claims, that being the leader of an army, consisting of purely males, where you're in each others company 24-7, means that you get to see your fair share of naked flesh. The time for embarrassment, came and went a long time ago she admits. Since Bree doesn't have a mate, jealousy is also not an issue, neither is her admiration of the males in the household, her opinion on them is that they have nothing she hasn't already seen before.
The last of our interviewees is Sabrina. She admits that like Talia, she also loves being surrounded by the naked males, but she doesn't flaunt it. She keeps her wandering eyes on a low profile, so as not to cause upset among the female residents of the house. She doesn't have a mate, so jealousy doesn't come into it, although after this interview, she may have stirred the green-eyed monster among the mated females, who have until now, been unsuspecting of Sabrina's attention on their mate's naked bodies.

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