Monday, 24 February 2014

The fashionable females of Twisted Bloodlines

Every girl loves to shop, and the females of Twisted Bloodlines are no exception. Despite being limited to online shopping for obvious reasons, these girls love to shop and they shop hard! Even though they rarely step out in public, the girls have wardrobes busting at the seams full of clothing and accessories. Here are a few examples of the ladies clothing, to give you an idea of what these females sense of style is.
Megan prefers the casual approach, and has no problem strutting around, in over-sized sweatshirts and ripped jeans. It probably makes running for your life, a little bit easier, than tottering in a pair of nine inch heels.
Beth, although older than the rest, still likes to look pretty for Peter, and lets face it, before she fell pregnant, she definitely had the figure for it. Unlike her daughter Megan, she prefers the more feminine approach, and her wardrobe is stuffed full of dresses, long and knee length, with perfectly matching accessories for each outfit.

Callie also likes feminine clothing, and goes for the gypsy style. Quite fitting really, considering she is after all a mage. With her petite figure and height, she looks every bit as innocent as she really is. I half expect her to wear a daisy chain in her hair, to complete her peace loving look.

Talia prefers the glamours look, but also with a touch of danger. Despite being constantly on the run from her enemies, she chooses to wear spiked shoes, which can also be useful as a weapon, and likes darker tones such as black and purple.

Last of all is Sabrina. She is a jeans and hoody kind of girl. Probably the least feminine of the females, choosing the tom-boy look instead. Comfort is her main concern when it comes to her wardrobe, but it suits her well, and doesn't diminish her beauty.

So there you have it, hopefully my little fashion parade gives you some kind of idea what your favorite females look like on an everyday basis.

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