Wednesday, 30 October 2013


I can't really say too much about Bree, she's kind of a secret :) Born to mixed breed parents, she has spent most of her life raising herself. Banished from the mage society, her own mother didn't bother to help her, despite the fact that it was her fault since she chose to sleep with Bree's father, knowing the penalty she would face. Cold hearted towards her first born child, she left Bree to make her own way into the world at the tender age of thirteen. With her father completely unaware of Bree's existence, she used her mixed heritage to get by. Shifting in order to hunt for food and using magic to defend herself against any threat that came her way, Bree toughened and managed to survive into womanhood. Through the years she gained an army of her own, each man dedicated to keeping Bree safe. She holds no interest in the power struggle among the races, preferring to stick to the shadows she grew up in. Stunningly beautiful, having been graced with both of her parents good looks, Bree is quite a sight indeed. Six feet tall, with long dark hair that reaches her waist, Bree keeps her appearance battle style. Hair twisted into one long braid, her perfectly curved body is kept clad in tight black leather, complete with combat boots. Bree has no need for long flowing skits or dresses, since they aren't exactly practical for her kind of lifestyle. Bree first appears in book three, and let's just say her presence is a big shock. There will be more of Bree in book five, and I'm really looking forward to working her into the story line, although tough, Bree is pretty laid back and even quite amusing, but does lack in the emotional department. Having spent many years in solitude until her little army grew, Bree has only had male company throughout the years, so emotions such as love, friendship etc are quite foreign to her. Follow the series to find out more about Bree and her parentage :)
Bree how I see her :)

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Now that we are coming close to the release of book two, I want to introduce you to a character from book three. Talia crosses paths with Trey in this book, they are both held captive and it is definitely a situation she never thought she would end up in. Somewhat of a wanton woman, Talia has landed herself in a heap of trouble. Orphaned at an early age, Talia and her sister Jasmine, ended up under the care of Violet at the mage society. Unlike her sister, she hated being there and couldn't wait to become old enough to be able to leave, and make her own way in the world. Unfortunately her future seems to have been mapped out for her, Violet displeased by her wanton ways, has decided that she needs a consort, someone to control her and she has found just the guy to do it. Lewis is the total opposite, of the kind of guy Talia would choose for herself. Not one to be held back by circumstances she sneaks out, happening across a cute guy. Out of defiance but also desire, Talia decides to get a little more personal with the guy, ending up with them being caught in a very compromising position by Lewis. Angered and humiliated by her betrayal, Lewis kills the guy she is with and turns on Talia. Thanks to her gift, she knows he intends to kill her, and with one swift move she plunges her dagger straight through his heart. As the life leaves his body, Lewis manages to curse Talia with his last breath, no longer just a mage, Talia has also become something else entirely with Lewis's parting gift, leaving her a shadow of her former self. The beauty she once flaunted, replaced by something ugly that no man would willingly want to touch. Hauled to the dungeons where she is to live out the rest of her days, she comes across Trey and the pair embark on a crazy journey of their own in a bid to escape, but has Talia made a mistake by partnering with Trey? His personality changes so frequently, it's like accompanying Jekyll and Hyde. Will Trey and Talia accomplish there bid to escape to freedom? Will Talia lose her head and succumb to Trey, and his messed up emotions? Follow the series to find out :)
How I see Talia :)

Monday, 14 October 2013


Tyson is new to the cast of Twisted Bloodlines. He makes his appearance in book four. Dark skinned with closely cropped hair, and eyes so dark that they are almost black. Tyson has the appearance of a soldier, partial to combat trousers and boots, his six foot three figure is heavily muscled, and his ever presents muscle vest only emphasises his huge biceps. Tyson has seen and taken part in things that will haunt his soul for all eternity, but to him it was completely necessary to get where he is now. Having established himself in Deacons domain, he is in a prime position to extract his revenge on the man who has destroyed his life. Only a young boy at the time, hidden from view by his father, Tyson witnessed the horrific end to his entire family, slaughtered by Deacon. The future that had been mapped out for him, including the mate promised to him from the day of his birth, all gone thanks to one man. However it seems that isn't entirely true, in a cruel twist of fate, his intended mate turns up out of the blue, clearly not as dead as he thought she was since she is held prisoner in the very place he resides. His next mission given to him by Deacon, is to destroy her but will he complete it? If he doesn't, he risks compromising his position, Deacon is no fool. Tyson has already done plenty to damn himself to hell, what's one more? It would all have been for nothing if he fails now. Does she have what it takes to convince him otherwise, freeing her and saving what's left of his soul? Follow the series to find out :)
How I see Tyson :)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

New characters

I love introducing new characters to my books, I think it helps to keep things fresh, especially since my characters tend to hold dark secrets and are not completely innocent and pure. If they were total angels, never making a mistake or stepping out of line once in a while, then they would be a complete bore. I do like a bit of mischief, keeps things interesting :)Some people think that too many characters are a mistake and can be confusing to keep track of, but the way I see it, is if they are interesting enough, then you should have no problem remembering who they are. It's also why I have put up character posts on this blog, as well as giving you an idea of who they are, you can also use it as a reference, in the event that you have forgotten who they are between book releases. (hopefully you won't :)) I've found in a few books I have read, where there have been just a handful of characters, they became boring and predictable leaving me routing for the bad guy to kill them off :) Each to their own opinion I guess. My next post features one of my upcoming new characters, I'm really looking forward to this guy, he has a very complex personality, and is stubborn to the core, hope you enjoy it :)

Thursday, 10 October 2013


Sean is completely the opposite of his brothers, where they are fairly loud and quick to lose their tempers, he remains quiet and is much less aggressive. Dark hair and hazel eyes, Sean looks more like his mother, but this doesn't make him less appealing. Although well defined, he doesn't hold as much bulk compared to Jase and Paul, but is in no way weak. Seemingly gay, Sean has a thing going on with Trey, but sadly this is just a front. Sean hides a secret, one which he has kept to himself since his very early years. He has carefully trained himself to steer clear of the female population, instead choosing to desire males, which to him is a safer option. Sean doesn't really come to light until the fourth book, he is given a task to complete, but the journey doesn't go quite as smoothly as he thought it would. Temptation is at an all time high, pushing Sean to his limits, making him face what has been buried deep inside of him all this time. The question is, will he give in to the desire that has plagued him for years? And at what cost? With his carefully controlled life in upheaval, will Sean become what he has strived so hard to avoid? Watch this space folks :)
Sean as I see him :)

What is Twisted Bloodlines about?

I'm often asked what my book is about, obviously the blurb provides some insight but to sum it up a little bit more, here goes :) Twisted Bloodlines is the first in a series of six books, the characters come together in a twisted version of events, with one man at the source of it all.Pure evil runs through his veins, and each character has had the misfortune of interacting with him in one way or another, their lives forever changed by his evil touch. United by the wrong that has befallen to them, they find comfort together and become family, intent on protecting each other from his return. With his power growing stronger every day, and his army increasing in size, do they have what it takes to go up against him? Will fate let them succeed against the ongoing nightmare that plagues them? You will have to Follow their journey to find out :)

Friday, 4 October 2013


Sabrina joins the cast in Twisted Bloodlines book one. Hell bent on revenge for the loss of her entire family, she breaks into Deacon's establishment, while most of the unfortunate occupants are desperate to get out. These unfortunates, include Megan and Callie who have been captured by Deacon, and are held prisoner with no hope of escape. Sabrina stumbles across the pair in search of Deacon, and at first is reluctant to help them because of what Megan is. After they manage to convince her, Sabrina agrees to aid their escape, with every intention of remaining to fulfill her quest once Megan and Callie are safely out of the picture. Things don't go as smoothly as she would have liked, and it appears she has bitten off more than she can chew,instead joining them in their escape. Grateful for her help, Sabrina is welcomed into Megan's family and her home where she still remains, always ready to fight by their side when the need arises. I love Sabrina's character, she is feisty and has no problem speaking her mind. Although single at the moment she doesn't hide her appreciation of the male residents, and isn't afraid to voice it. I think she may have her eye on Luke, Callie's brother. Not exactly the best choice for a lover, Luke has no intention of committing to anyone, and is far from the loving type. I don't doubt Sabrina can hold her own, but Luke really can be a nasty piece of work, regardless of how gorgeous he is, I would suggest she admires him from afar. Sabrina's past catches up to her in book four, can she forgive and forget? Will she Go on to complete the destiny that was once laid out for her? Or will she continue to seek revenge, risking everything, including her life to right the wrong that was done to her? You will just have to keep following the series to find out :)
Sabrina how I see her :)