Sunday, 20 October 2013


Now that we are coming close to the release of book two, I want to introduce you to a character from book three. Talia crosses paths with Trey in this book, they are both held captive and it is definitely a situation she never thought she would end up in. Somewhat of a wanton woman, Talia has landed herself in a heap of trouble. Orphaned at an early age, Talia and her sister Jasmine, ended up under the care of Violet at the mage society. Unlike her sister, she hated being there and couldn't wait to become old enough to be able to leave, and make her own way in the world. Unfortunately her future seems to have been mapped out for her, Violet displeased by her wanton ways, has decided that she needs a consort, someone to control her and she has found just the guy to do it. Lewis is the total opposite, of the kind of guy Talia would choose for herself. Not one to be held back by circumstances she sneaks out, happening across a cute guy. Out of defiance but also desire, Talia decides to get a little more personal with the guy, ending up with them being caught in a very compromising position by Lewis. Angered and humiliated by her betrayal, Lewis kills the guy she is with and turns on Talia. Thanks to her gift, she knows he intends to kill her, and with one swift move she plunges her dagger straight through his heart. As the life leaves his body, Lewis manages to curse Talia with his last breath, no longer just a mage, Talia has also become something else entirely with Lewis's parting gift, leaving her a shadow of her former self. The beauty she once flaunted, replaced by something ugly that no man would willingly want to touch. Hauled to the dungeons where she is to live out the rest of her days, she comes across Trey and the pair embark on a crazy journey of their own in a bid to escape, but has Talia made a mistake by partnering with Trey? His personality changes so frequently, it's like accompanying Jekyll and Hyde. Will Trey and Talia accomplish there bid to escape to freedom? Will Talia lose her head and succumb to Trey, and his messed up emotions? Follow the series to find out :)
How I see Talia :)