Sunday, 13 October 2013

New characters

I love introducing new characters to my books, I think it helps to keep things fresh, especially since my characters tend to hold dark secrets and are not completely innocent and pure. If they were total angels, never making a mistake or stepping out of line once in a while, then they would be a complete bore. I do like a bit of mischief, keeps things interesting :)Some people think that too many characters are a mistake and can be confusing to keep track of, but the way I see it, is if they are interesting enough, then you should have no problem remembering who they are. It's also why I have put up character posts on this blog, as well as giving you an idea of who they are, you can also use it as a reference, in the event that you have forgotten who they are between book releases. (hopefully you won't :)) I've found in a few books I have read, where there have been just a handful of characters, they became boring and predictable leaving me routing for the bad guy to kill them off :) Each to their own opinion I guess. My next post features one of my upcoming new characters, I'm really looking forward to this guy, he has a very complex personality, and is stubborn to the core, hope you enjoy it :)

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