Friday, 27 September 2013


You don't hear much about Peter at the moment, but you soon will. He came into their life after Megan's first real taste of what Deacon is really like, although he had been around even before she was born. Peter is married to Beth and they are expecting his first offspring very soon. Peter is kind and somewhat of a big softie, although he is just as deadly as Blake, his previous occupation involved eliminating Deacon's men, preventing them from reaching their goal. Peter is kind of like the leader in a sense, they live at his families property which has been passed down through generations and he is a very wealthy man indeed, supplying anything the residents of the house need, regardless of the expense. He is well connected and informed on any threats that may be coming their way and prepares for them accordingly. Peter is quite a sight, his shaggy blond hair, streaked with highlights frames his face. He has smooth chiseled cheekbones and deep blue eyes, topping off his six foot frame, he shares a similar build to blake, which I'm sure has turned several female's heads in the past but he only has eyes for Beth.Unfortunately he is heading for some tough times which he really doesn't deserve, the question is, will we see a different side to the man we know and love? Peter has sacrificed so much for those around him, will they step up and return the favor? Follow Twisted Bloodlines to find out:)
Peter, isn't he adorable :)

Saturday, 21 September 2013


You meet Sapphire in book two of the series, absolutely stunning, Sapphire is the mother of Luke, and Callie although she hardly fits the role for that title. I love Sapphire's character, there are so many different sides to her, ranging from downright evil to almost loving. Although she has mellowed through the years, don't make the mistake of thinking she has gone soft. Sapphire is as deadly as they get, she can extinguish you with a flick of her wrist and not think twice about it. Her husband was an extremely twisted man who delighted in taking a young Luke, into his basement to show him the sick assortment of dismembered trophies he had kept from his victims, including that of a severed head. Sapphire didn't want Callie to have to suffer the same fate or face something worse at the hands of her father, so she gave her away to be brought up in the human world away from the cold and evil one that she herself lives in. With Callie safely out of the picture, she then went on to kill her husband but this didn't end Luke's suffering. That role was transferred to Violet, Sapphire's mother who was far more evil than Sapphire, could ever be. There are many secrets about to be revealed, with Sapphire at the center of it all, and with a rather large secret of her own involving her past relationship with Blake, let's just say Sapphire's skeletons in her closet are about to take center stage. Her hidden talent has been uncovered and is being used to bind her by both her mother and Deacon. With her children caught up in the mix, Sapphire is not about to let them suffer, instead aiding them when she is able to, regardless of what punishments befall upon her. Sapphire is the key to the events about to unfold and what some may see as acts of kindness, she is in fact setting the wheels in motion for what is about to come. Her fate was sealed long ago, and she intends to set things right by making sure good, wins over evil even if it results in her death. Even though Callie and Luke haven't been showered with hugs and kisses by their mother, Sapphire is doing all that she can to protect them, showing her love in the only way she is able to, by her own personal sacrifice.
How I see her :)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Paul is introduced in book one as he meets his younger siblings, Megan and Jase for the first time. Twin to Sean, both were brought up by a relative when Beth made her escape from Deacon, choosing to separate the children in order to make it easier for her to keep on the move. Mated and married to Amara, who is human but also no stranger to his world having been brought into it long before she met Paul, they have twin boys of their own but their relationship is far from loving. Paul keeps his feelings to himself, giving the appearance of a couple completely in love when it is anything but that. His failing marriage and resentment towards his mother's abandonment only becomes apparent in book three and four where you definitely see a different side to him than originally portrayed. His appearance is similar to his father Deacon, Paul is just as tall and broad although Jase is more of an exact double, feature wise. Paul is genuinely a nice guy and a devoted father but when his world falls apart, the beast within makes an appearence, transforming him into someone you really don't want to cross. There are a brave few who manage to raise a smile on his face every now and then, but sadly he won't allow anyone too close, even the one person who can save him from his downward spiral into destruction. When times are tough, we either fall apart or fight to improve them. Will Paul realize what is right in front of him or will he continue to loose himself, piece by piece until all that remains is a twisted replica of the father he once despised. You will have to follow the series to find out :)
Paul as I see him :)

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Much like Beth, Callie had the misfortune of stumbling across Deacon, bringing her into his dark and disturbing world. After leaving a party she was quite intoxicated and also very upset, having just argued with her so-called best friend. Deacon appeared to her as a kind and gentle man, declaring that he wasn't comfortable letting such a young girl walk the streets alone at night. Referring to his own daughter, he confessed that he wouldn't allow her to do it either and this admission made Callie somewhat comforted, knowing that he had his own children but the fact that she was also extremely attracted to him played a major part in her decision to follow, as he led her down the street which ultimately became a very bad decision that will probably haunt her for the rest of her life. She met Megan whilst being held Deacon's prisoner and luckily they were freed by Sabrina who was there on her own agenda of revenge for Deacon's wrong doings. Considering herself human, Callie was terrified of the men surrounding her and despite being rescued by them and brought to a safe place, she found it hard to come to terms with the paranormal creatures living under the same roof as her. Callie has her staring role in book two where she finds her origins are not what she thought and that she is no longer the orphan she was led to believe. Her family members begin to crawl out of the woodwork but they are far from loving, making the beasts who have brought her to their home look like fluffy bunnies in comparison. Callie learns quite quickly that she needs to be strong to deal with the events surrounding her and use the power that she holds within. Through past horrors, heartbreak, love and finally feeling like she belongs, Callie has somewhere to call home and a family she loves although she still has a fight ahead of her if she wants to keep what she has fought so hard to achieve. When her maternal family mix with her newly adopted family, let's just say trouble is a mild excuse for the events that are about to unfold.
Callie how I see her :)

Saturday, 14 September 2013


Beth hasn't had her major role yet but she will do soon and I think you'll be surprised by the outcome :)Beth is the mother of Megan, Jase, Paul and Sean and I guess you could say she is the cause of Deacon's presence, but hey people make mistakes. Being human she was completely naive to the Twisted Bloodlines world. Somewhat of a shy girl she was instantly flattered by attracting Deacon's attention. Sitting in her normal seat outside her favorite restaurant he approached the table asking if the seat beside her was taken. Lost for words by the gorgeous guy in front of her, she shook her head in reply and he took his seat sealing her fate. As time went by, she loved the attention Deacon lavished upon her, he played the part of the perfect gentleman well even surprising her with little gifts every now and then to keep her keen. Completely smitten by him, Beth didn't think twice about taking the next step and moving into Deacon's home. She soon found out exactly what horrors the love of her life was capable of, even witnessing some of it for herself but this only became evident after already having birthed twin boys and now expecting another set of twins, although this time one of them happened to be a girl. Deacon's sudden disturbing behavior had Beth worried and she desperately wanted to leave him before she was born. Already having made and failed an attempt to escape,Beth was on the lookout for another opportunity although Deacon had made things harder since her last try. Luckily her bid for freedom was rewarded by a handsome intruder who aided her escape taking her and the boys to a safe place. Beth eventually went on to form a relationship with her saviour Peter who happily raised her children as his own but not before she had wasted years running from one place to the next in a bid to escape both Deacon and Peter, who were always one step behind her both wanting to claim her as their own. Now expecting Peter's twin boys, Beth's troubles are far from over. The question is, will her deeply buried secret surface revealing who she truly is or will she have the strength to fight against it and do what's right? Follow the series to find out :)
Beth as I see her :)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Luke (friend or foe?)

Luke is another favorite character of mine. Introduced in book two, he's a very complex character indeed. Blond hair and blue eyed with a lean but well defined body, he is drop dead gorgeous although far from the easy going boy next door type. Luke is not the most friendliest of characters and also shares Trey's love of causing trouble. Its sometimes hard to determine whether he is friend or foe, being more than capable of holding his own, Luke is rather self centered and has no interest in defending Megan or the others if an attack is launched unless his sister asks him to. He often finds himself offered up to accompany the others as back up and will make sure he stirs up plenty of trouble in return for his reluctant services. Having grown up in a rather disturbing family, I think this may have contributed greatly to his frigid personality, he's almost unapproachable without giving some sort of cold remark for invading his personal space. His sister is the only person he cares about, his eyes practically light up in her presence and he can become quite disturbing at times when it concerns her. Luke holds a dark past, some of which is revealed along the way. The time spent in his father's basement of horrors, along with his job as the enforcer overlapping into his personal life are just some of the reasons why Luke is so cold. To be honest I'm not quite sure he is capable of love, especially after some of the things he has done and witnessed. Luke holds a special talent which makes him a great asset to anyone planning on launching an attack but of course he's far too selfish to assist anyone out of the goodness of his heart unless it benefits him in some way. Despite his personality, the females are still attracted to him although he does hold a particular talent of being very persuasive so this may be the reason why. None the less Luke has made sure he has reason to be among them, he's waited years following his sister in the shadows to finally be by her side and that is where he intends to stay no matter how much of a twisted plan it was to achieve it. The question is, will he hold up his end of the bargain and free her of the bind that he has placed upon her as promised? Or will he revel in the power he now has, choosing to keep her trapped beside him for all eternity?
Luke as I picture him :)

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Deacon (the ultimate bad guy)

You gotta have a bad guy in any good thriller and mine is as bad as they get. Deacon is devastatingly handsome with a body ripped to perfection,along with a voice that is smooth and silky.He oozes charm, making it easy for him to snare his unsuspecting victims who fall into his trap, desperate for a grain of attention from this gorgeous guy. Most people hold a dark side, even if its just a small portion but Deacon is evil to the core. He has no mercy for his victims, pleading and crying will only get you further torture as your screams become pure music to his ears. I would like to think that the one lucky woman who escaped his torture and managed to free herself was because he held some sort of feelings for her but sadly that was not the case, it was all for his personal gain. You could put his twisted behavior down to his upbringing, both his parents were equally cold towards him as well as each other but he comes from a long line of twisted DNA which no doubt contributed to the way he is. He also holds no love towards his own offspring, Megan being the center of his twisted obsession since her birth has fallen victim to her father on several occasions. I'm pretty sure if his head was handed to her on a platter she would be the happiest girl in the universe. As well as being drop dead gorgeous he is completely deadly. He moves so swiftly, you won't see him coming and his strike is almost always fatal. Very few match up to Deacon's strength and his quest for power has resulted in him strengthening even more. Blake seems to be the only person so far who can make him flee although when they have gone toe to toe Deacon remained virtually unscathed by Blake's attacks. With so many enemies, will any of them be able to go up against Deacon and defeat him? You'll just have to keep following the series to find out :)
Deacon (gorgeous yet deadly) :)

Monday, 9 September 2013


Brought in as a second guardian over Megan, Devon's role is more on the sidelines of Twisted Bloodlines although you will see more of him in the second book in the series which is due out in December. As Blake's twin brother, Devon is the total opposite of him. Where Blake is more of the tall dark and moody type, Devon is surfer boy material. With sandy blond hair and bright green eyes, he prefers stonewash jeans and white T-shirts compared to Blake's standard black ensemble. Devon is the one who holds the sense of humor out of the pair and with the added bonus of dimples he is definitely 'meet the parents' material. Being the gentle giant type (His huge bulk is just as heavily muscled as Blake, which some find intimidating) he has found himself manipulated by Megan on more than one occasion causing friction between him and Blake, bringing out the rare appearance of Devon's fierce side for any unlucky bystanders but hey, siblings fight right? Maybe not in the same way as the cast of Twisted Bloodlines but then they aren't exactly normal :) Devon is almost shy when it comes to the female gender. While the likes of Jase and Trey are complete flirts, Devon prefers to remain on the side lines. He has no interest in finding a female to warm his bed or otherwise, having watched Blake suffer through the years was more than enough to put him off although fate may have other plans for him along with his inner beast becoming restless with the need to find it's mate. I love Devon's sweet and caring nature, it's refreshing compared to the rowdy nature of the rest of the males in the house, although this also becomes his downfall in book two where Devon is tested to his limits. The question is will he push aside his fears and fight for what he's destined to have? I guess you'll just have to read Twisted Bloodlines and make yourself familiar with Devon in preparation for the release of book two to find out :)
How I see Devon :)

Sunday, 8 September 2013


Jase is filled with a lot of anger and resentment. Having always been the man of the house from an early age he took his role very seriously indeed. He did his best to protect his twin sister Megan from the constant threat of their father but he just doesn't have the strength to match up to him. His mother's marriage to Peter didn't help, especially when she praised his ability to protect Megan where Jase couldn't. Blake's appearance caused Jase further resentment as he took on the role of Megan's protector, pushing Jase further aside from his beloved twin. Despite this, he still continues to attempt to defend her as best he can even though at times he catches the hint of fear in her eyes when she looks at him causing Jase to despise the reflection staring back at him when he looks in the mirror. The resemblance Jase holds to the man that stalks Megan is so strong that he can't even comfort her when she awakens from a nightmare as she becomes momentarily confused in her dream state as to whether it is the beast himself by her bedside. It's not only Megan who is troubled by Jase's appearance, his father's other victim also holds the same reaction when she looks into Jase's eyes. Despite sharing the same face as the devil himself, Jase has no problems attracting the opposite sex. His model looks and muscled figure are more than enough to assure him a bedmate for the night. His easy going nature and sense of humor is also an attraction, although he is quick to anger and can sometimes sulk like a teenager. Jase has no trouble releasing his inner beast when an attack is launched and will give as good as he gets despite his lack of ability to take down the man that fathered him. Jase hasn't yet had his starring role but I can tell you that his time is coming soon, I have my own soft spot for Jase. Let's hope I can do him the justice he deserves :)
What I imagine Jase as :)

Saturday, 7 September 2013


What can I say about Trey? I know he seems to be most of the Twisted Bloodlines favorite character as well as also being mine. Totally cheeky and drop dead gorgeous, his lean but well muscled body has most girls drooling all over him. Topped with a mass of wavy dark hair that you just want to run your fingers through while losing yourself in his deep brown eyed gaze, Trey is quite a sight indeed. He's very mischievous, loving to stir up trouble among the other residents. It's hard to tell whether his fiery passion is down to the beast inside of him or the man himself. His attraction is not just limited to the opposite sex although he has overstepped the mark a few times where the females are concerned. His easy going nature is often shadowed by the beast inside, always prowling at the surface ready to make an appearance and Trey does struggle to maintain his control over it. Disliked by most of the males he shrugs it off, instead using it as ammunition to stir up more trouble. Trey's loyalty to those he loves overpowers the obvious dislike surrounding him, keeping Trey firmly anchored to their side with no intention of moving on no matter how much some of them want him to. Trey has no trouble being on the front line when trouble comes knocking, if anything he thrives on it eager to release the beast within in the hope to satisfy its hunger. With his oozing sarcasm and witty sense of humor, Trey is the type of person any woman needs in their life,if they are committed or otherwise.
What I picture Trey as :)

Friday, 6 September 2013


Megan is kind of the main character in Twisted Bloodlines. She is generally protected by those who surround her but the other characters also have their solo roles. Dark hair, piercing blue eyes and a body women would kill to have. Despite her appearance she is somewhat naive when it comes to the male population. Having always been on the move from one place to another she never really got the chance to lead a normal teenage life. The fear her mother tried to install into her at an early age never really sunk in until she came face to face with the beast who is always one step behind her. That day changed Megan's life forever, although she eventually overcame her agoraphobia through time, she still suffers terrifying nightmares tormenting her each night. Even though she managed to escape him that night she knows that the threat of his return is still hanging over her head. Her first crush was a disaster,Megan's obvious inexperience led to her fumbled attempt at capturing his attention only to be turned down. This however was not the last of it, in a cruel twist of fate further down the line the undivided attention which she once craved is now a major upheaval in her life especially with the arrival of her night in shinning armor who she desperately wants leaving Megan torn between the two. Despite not being completely human, Megan is far from as ferocious as the beast that lies within her, she is more like a damsel in distress than the warrior she is capable of becoming although she has put herself in many dangerous situations in defence of those she loves. Her strength lies more within her mind than anywhere else, Megan has had to deal with horrifying situations that most people wouldn't come through and still be able to retain their sanity but she continues to fight for the life she so desperately wants to live and refuses to fall to pieces that easily even though she is terrified of ending up in his grasp.
What I picture Megan as :)