Monday, 9 September 2013


Brought in as a second guardian over Megan, Devon's role is more on the sidelines of Twisted Bloodlines although you will see more of him in the second book in the series which is due out in December. As Blake's twin brother, Devon is the total opposite of him. Where Blake is more of the tall dark and moody type, Devon is surfer boy material. With sandy blond hair and bright green eyes, he prefers stonewash jeans and white T-shirts compared to Blake's standard black ensemble. Devon is the one who holds the sense of humor out of the pair and with the added bonus of dimples he is definitely 'meet the parents' material. Being the gentle giant type (His huge bulk is just as heavily muscled as Blake, which some find intimidating) he has found himself manipulated by Megan on more than one occasion causing friction between him and Blake, bringing out the rare appearance of Devon's fierce side for any unlucky bystanders but hey, siblings fight right? Maybe not in the same way as the cast of Twisted Bloodlines but then they aren't exactly normal :) Devon is almost shy when it comes to the female gender. While the likes of Jase and Trey are complete flirts, Devon prefers to remain on the side lines. He has no interest in finding a female to warm his bed or otherwise, having watched Blake suffer through the years was more than enough to put him off although fate may have other plans for him along with his inner beast becoming restless with the need to find it's mate. I love Devon's sweet and caring nature, it's refreshing compared to the rowdy nature of the rest of the males in the house, although this also becomes his downfall in book two where Devon is tested to his limits. The question is will he push aside his fears and fight for what he's destined to have? I guess you'll just have to read Twisted Bloodlines and make yourself familiar with Devon in preparation for the release of book two to find out :)
How I see Devon :)

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