Friday, 6 September 2013


Megan is kind of the main character in Twisted Bloodlines. She is generally protected by those who surround her but the other characters also have their solo roles. Dark hair, piercing blue eyes and a body women would kill to have. Despite her appearance she is somewhat naive when it comes to the male population. Having always been on the move from one place to another she never really got the chance to lead a normal teenage life. The fear her mother tried to install into her at an early age never really sunk in until she came face to face with the beast who is always one step behind her. That day changed Megan's life forever, although she eventually overcame her agoraphobia through time, she still suffers terrifying nightmares tormenting her each night. Even though she managed to escape him that night she knows that the threat of his return is still hanging over her head. Her first crush was a disaster,Megan's obvious inexperience led to her fumbled attempt at capturing his attention only to be turned down. This however was not the last of it, in a cruel twist of fate further down the line the undivided attention which she once craved is now a major upheaval in her life especially with the arrival of her night in shinning armor who she desperately wants leaving Megan torn between the two. Despite not being completely human, Megan is far from as ferocious as the beast that lies within her, she is more like a damsel in distress than the warrior she is capable of becoming although she has put herself in many dangerous situations in defence of those she loves. Her strength lies more within her mind than anywhere else, Megan has had to deal with horrifying situations that most people wouldn't come through and still be able to retain their sanity but she continues to fight for the life she so desperately wants to live and refuses to fall to pieces that easily even though she is terrified of ending up in his grasp.
What I picture Megan as :)

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