Friday, 27 September 2013


You don't hear much about Peter at the moment, but you soon will. He came into their life after Megan's first real taste of what Deacon is really like, although he had been around even before she was born. Peter is married to Beth and they are expecting his first offspring very soon. Peter is kind and somewhat of a big softie, although he is just as deadly as Blake, his previous occupation involved eliminating Deacon's men, preventing them from reaching their goal. Peter is kind of like the leader in a sense, they live at his families property which has been passed down through generations and he is a very wealthy man indeed, supplying anything the residents of the house need, regardless of the expense. He is well connected and informed on any threats that may be coming their way and prepares for them accordingly. Peter is quite a sight, his shaggy blond hair, streaked with highlights frames his face. He has smooth chiseled cheekbones and deep blue eyes, topping off his six foot frame, he shares a similar build to blake, which I'm sure has turned several female's heads in the past but he only has eyes for Beth.Unfortunately he is heading for some tough times which he really doesn't deserve, the question is, will we see a different side to the man we know and love? Peter has sacrificed so much for those around him, will they step up and return the favor? Follow Twisted Bloodlines to find out:)
Peter, isn't he adorable :)

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