Thursday, 12 September 2013

Luke (friend or foe?)

Luke is another favorite character of mine. Introduced in book two, he's a very complex character indeed. Blond hair and blue eyed with a lean but well defined body, he is drop dead gorgeous although far from the easy going boy next door type. Luke is not the most friendliest of characters and also shares Trey's love of causing trouble. Its sometimes hard to determine whether he is friend or foe, being more than capable of holding his own, Luke is rather self centered and has no interest in defending Megan or the others if an attack is launched unless his sister asks him to. He often finds himself offered up to accompany the others as back up and will make sure he stirs up plenty of trouble in return for his reluctant services. Having grown up in a rather disturbing family, I think this may have contributed greatly to his frigid personality, he's almost unapproachable without giving some sort of cold remark for invading his personal space. His sister is the only person he cares about, his eyes practically light up in her presence and he can become quite disturbing at times when it concerns her. Luke holds a dark past, some of which is revealed along the way. The time spent in his father's basement of horrors, along with his job as the enforcer overlapping into his personal life are just some of the reasons why Luke is so cold. To be honest I'm not quite sure he is capable of love, especially after some of the things he has done and witnessed. Luke holds a special talent which makes him a great asset to anyone planning on launching an attack but of course he's far too selfish to assist anyone out of the goodness of his heart unless it benefits him in some way. Despite his personality, the females are still attracted to him although he does hold a particular talent of being very persuasive so this may be the reason why. None the less Luke has made sure he has reason to be among them, he's waited years following his sister in the shadows to finally be by her side and that is where he intends to stay no matter how much of a twisted plan it was to achieve it. The question is, will he hold up his end of the bargain and free her of the bind that he has placed upon her as promised? Or will he revel in the power he now has, choosing to keep her trapped beside him for all eternity?
Luke as I picture him :)

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