Saturday, 7 September 2013


What can I say about Trey? I know he seems to be most of the Twisted Bloodlines favorite character as well as also being mine. Totally cheeky and drop dead gorgeous, his lean but well muscled body has most girls drooling all over him. Topped with a mass of wavy dark hair that you just want to run your fingers through while losing yourself in his deep brown eyed gaze, Trey is quite a sight indeed. He's very mischievous, loving to stir up trouble among the other residents. It's hard to tell whether his fiery passion is down to the beast inside of him or the man himself. His attraction is not just limited to the opposite sex although he has overstepped the mark a few times where the females are concerned. His easy going nature is often shadowed by the beast inside, always prowling at the surface ready to make an appearance and Trey does struggle to maintain his control over it. Disliked by most of the males he shrugs it off, instead using it as ammunition to stir up more trouble. Trey's loyalty to those he loves overpowers the obvious dislike surrounding him, keeping Trey firmly anchored to their side with no intention of moving on no matter how much some of them want him to. Trey has no trouble being on the front line when trouble comes knocking, if anything he thrives on it eager to release the beast within in the hope to satisfy its hunger. With his oozing sarcasm and witty sense of humor, Trey is the type of person any woman needs in their life,if they are committed or otherwise.
What I picture Trey as :)

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