Saturday, 14 September 2013


Beth hasn't had her major role yet but she will do soon and I think you'll be surprised by the outcome :)Beth is the mother of Megan, Jase, Paul and Sean and I guess you could say she is the cause of Deacon's presence, but hey people make mistakes. Being human she was completely naive to the Twisted Bloodlines world. Somewhat of a shy girl she was instantly flattered by attracting Deacon's attention. Sitting in her normal seat outside her favorite restaurant he approached the table asking if the seat beside her was taken. Lost for words by the gorgeous guy in front of her, she shook her head in reply and he took his seat sealing her fate. As time went by, she loved the attention Deacon lavished upon her, he played the part of the perfect gentleman well even surprising her with little gifts every now and then to keep her keen. Completely smitten by him, Beth didn't think twice about taking the next step and moving into Deacon's home. She soon found out exactly what horrors the love of her life was capable of, even witnessing some of it for herself but this only became evident after already having birthed twin boys and now expecting another set of twins, although this time one of them happened to be a girl. Deacon's sudden disturbing behavior had Beth worried and she desperately wanted to leave him before she was born. Already having made and failed an attempt to escape,Beth was on the lookout for another opportunity although Deacon had made things harder since her last try. Luckily her bid for freedom was rewarded by a handsome intruder who aided her escape taking her and the boys to a safe place. Beth eventually went on to form a relationship with her saviour Peter who happily raised her children as his own but not before she had wasted years running from one place to the next in a bid to escape both Deacon and Peter, who were always one step behind her both wanting to claim her as their own. Now expecting Peter's twin boys, Beth's troubles are far from over. The question is, will her deeply buried secret surface revealing who she truly is or will she have the strength to fight against it and do what's right? Follow the series to find out :)
Beth as I see her :)

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