Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Deacon (the ultimate bad guy)

You gotta have a bad guy in any good thriller and mine is as bad as they get. Deacon is devastatingly handsome with a body ripped to perfection,along with a voice that is smooth and silky.He oozes charm, making it easy for him to snare his unsuspecting victims who fall into his trap, desperate for a grain of attention from this gorgeous guy. Most people hold a dark side, even if its just a small portion but Deacon is evil to the core. He has no mercy for his victims, pleading and crying will only get you further torture as your screams become pure music to his ears. I would like to think that the one lucky woman who escaped his torture and managed to free herself was because he held some sort of feelings for her but sadly that was not the case, it was all for his personal gain. You could put his twisted behavior down to his upbringing, both his parents were equally cold towards him as well as each other but he comes from a long line of twisted DNA which no doubt contributed to the way he is. He also holds no love towards his own offspring, Megan being the center of his twisted obsession since her birth has fallen victim to her father on several occasions. I'm pretty sure if his head was handed to her on a platter she would be the happiest girl in the universe. As well as being drop dead gorgeous he is completely deadly. He moves so swiftly, you won't see him coming and his strike is almost always fatal. Very few match up to Deacon's strength and his quest for power has resulted in him strengthening even more. Blake seems to be the only person so far who can make him flee although when they have gone toe to toe Deacon remained virtually unscathed by Blake's attacks. With so many enemies, will any of them be able to go up against Deacon and defeat him? You'll just have to keep following the series to find out :)
Deacon (gorgeous yet deadly) :)

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