Monday, 10 February 2014

The Twisted Bloodlines Valentine post

With Valentines day approaching, I thought i'd do a fun post on what the males of the cast, might do for their prospective loved one's on Valentines day. Blake, is not very romantic, but he is fiercely loyal, and devoted to the one he loves.He's most likely to keep things simple, a small card and possibly a box of chocolates, followed by a mumbled greeting of 'happy valentines day.' He doesn't see the need for days like these, he'd rather spend hours between the sheets,showing just how much he loves you. Devon, is the total opposite of his brother. He would most likely arrange a candle lit dinner, and have a huge bunch of roses for you. Probably even an equally huge box of chocolates to go with them, making his valentine feel as though they are the most cherished person on the planet. Jase, being the ladies man that he is, would also probably arrange a meal, with lots of champagne to lighten the mood.His gift would most likely be a dozen red roses and sexy lingerie, followed by a night in a hotel, where he can receive the full benefit of his gift. Trey, is more likely to give a small bunch of randomly picked flowers. You would get chocolate, but it would be in the form of a body buffet, dinner having been skipped and taking desert straight to the bedroom. Where most lucky women get a pampered bath to relax in, you would need to head straight for the shower. Paul, would buy every kind of gift available for Valentines day, he would also arrange a meal, but as for the romance, there most likely won't be any. He has this in common with Blake, but he would be more than willing to show you what he's capable of in the bedroom. Luke, wouldn't bother with gifts or arranging a meal. He would however, charm you into his bed, probably whether you wanted to or not, he's extremely persuasive. Sean, wouldn't bother with any of it, he is most likely to remain in his room, until the day is over. Which of these Valentines would you want? I know who would be my choice :)

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