Tuesday, 4 February 2014


How far will a woman go to protect herself? Sienna is a woman who would go the whole distance to take care of number one. Entering his life at an early age, she taunted and teased him until his head was completely messed up. Several years have passed and the opportunity to reunite with him has arrived, but it appears he's on to her little game. Stronger and more handsome than ever, its her turn to fear him, and he's not holding back. He seeks revenge on her for the past and seducing him doesn't appear to be working in her favor, neither is playing the part of a woman tragically wronged by the devil himself. With her plan backfiring, will Sienna be able to complete her bid for freedom? Or will she become enslaved to the twisted man she helped create all those years ago? Read on to find out :)

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