Saturday, 22 February 2014

Boys and their toys

 We hear a little about the males of Twisted Bloodlines, and their vehicles throughout the story. Who can forget Blake's heroic rescues, on his beloved Harley-Davidson VRSC.
He tends to it, like he would a lover. Probably, because it seems to spend an awful amount of time, skidding across the tarmac as he leaps to defend his damsel in distress. The bodywork must need regular maintenance, especially when inexperienced naughty residents of the house, stow away on it in the middle of the night, and add to the poor Harley's abuse :)
And what of Jase's car?

His prized possession Ford Mustang seems to be in regular use, and receives its fair share of damage. Usually in high speed chases, or when people rudely land on top of it, and start an all out brawl. Poor Jase is left regularly distraught, by the state of his car. Maybe he should start considering investing in a bus pass :)
You may remember when Blake and Devon first arrived. They did so separately, Blake on his Harley and Devon in his Mercedes Benz                                                                                                                        

For someone who has such a lovely car, he rarely uses it. Okay, it only has two seats, not very convenient once the twins arrive but Devon seems quite content to leave it gathering dust in the driveway. Why is this? Well, I can tell you that Devon is somewhat jinxed, when it comes to technology. He only has to turn the ignition and things start to go wrong. Two days after he brought the car, he hit a speed bump too fast and ripped the exhaust clean off. He even forgot his strength once, wrenching the wheel too hard as he turned the corner, snapping the steering column. I think its fair to say that Devon has made a wise decision, choosing to become a passenger instead.

Luke's car is like his personality, cool and sleek. Not much damage occurs to Luke or his car, he leaves the high speed chases to the other's. Choosing to cruise along behind, and step in only when its absolutely necessary. He doesn't however hold an attachment to his BMW convertible. Cars to Luke are a dime a dozen, and easily replaced. To him they are simply a mode of transport, and of no importance at all.
Peter's Mitsubishi pick-up truck is somewhat a prized possession of his. He doesn't spend as much time as Jase and Blake do, polishing and buffing away for hours until you can see your face in the gleaming paintwork, but he does keep it well maintained and clean. A bit like how he runs the household, despite his claim that he doesn't think he's a leader :) It's also extremely handy that the back is so spacious, since they do tend to move quite a lot and need a regular mode of transport for their essential belongings.
So there you have it, expensive shiny toys for our boys, you didn't really expect anything else did you?


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