Thursday, 23 April 2015

An excerpt from Temptations From The Past

Here is an excerpt from the fourth installment in the series Temptations From the Past enjoy :)

I watch as Becky stands against the wall. Her hands still grasp the shredded remains of the blouse as if her life depended on it. Her body once again trembles violently as I near where she stands. Her earlier relaxed stance has completely vanished with my approach. I know that I must be a fearsome sight. My teeth have lengthened along with my claws. I can feel the muscles flexing across my face, distorting my appearance as the beast fights for its escape. The sight of her terrified expression both thrills and disgusts me but doesn’t deter me from my destination.
There are only a few inches left between us. Her breath hitches and I can see the fear shinning in those blue eyes. I extend my hand towards her, letting a lengthened claw trail across her cheek, descending further towards the swell of her breasts. The scent of her fear fills the air and her eyes widen further. I can tell she wants to speak by the tremble of her lips, no doubt wanting to warn me away. My advances are no longer welcome. But she is paralysed in terror of my intentions. However, Becky is unaware of the war raging inside me as I regard her. The sensible side of my personality is rapidly fighting a losing battle against the beast urging me on. And Becky is going to be its first meal.


Here are some of the reviews for Twisted Bloodlines :)

"This book was well written and kept you on the edge of your seat. Linda made you laugh and cry her characters were so well written. They were well rounded and they were, as all people are, perfectly imperfect. You hated and loved the fact that the end of the book arrived. I look forward to reading more by her. I highly recommend this book and author!" 

"This book was awesome it was full of suspense areas where it made you laugh out loud and twists and turns that kept you on the edge making it hard to put the book down a must read..."

"This book was an awesome read. It made me laugh and cry. I caught myself trying to tell her no, that is too dangerous, out loud. I couldn't put it down. I hope there is more on the way, I need more of her story. LOVED IT. LOVED IT."

"Loved this book. Best thing about it was the soul mate and the in the moment feeling that it gives you." 

"I loved the story line and the characters were captivating. Looking forward to reading the next book in the series." 
 "Great book twisted plots and engaging characters. Could not put it down."

"This is a must read had me hooked from the beginning loved it would recommend to anyone great story line." 


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

An entry from Megan's diary

We all remember the conflicting emotions surrounding the love triangle between Megan, Blake and Trey but the issue was solved when Trey's forced bond upon Megan was broken, or was it? Here is a recent diary entry of Megan's and in light of things it is very conflicting indeed! A little hint of what is to come in the fifth installment of the Twisted Bloodlines series :)

Click on the image to enlarge for easier reading :)

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Twisted Bloodlines trailer

I've made a trailer for the series what do you think?


With the release of the fourth instalment in the series I'm sure by now you know there is a traitor among them but who could it be? Let's look at some of the facts and possible suspects. We know the traitor is female and lives in the house. She reports everything back to Deacon but the problem is every female in the house appears to hate him with a vengeance.
Megan for obvious reasons couldn't possibly be reporting to him could she? Her entire life was spent being chased by him. Could it be a case of Stockholm syndrome?
Callie another of his victims surely isn't the candidate though she was in fact attracted to him when they first crossed paths could that still be the case?
Beth fled from him years ago to protect her children and almost burned in her own house after he set it alight.Why would she jeopardise it all now?
Sabrina seeks revenge for the slaughter of her family by his hand. Is it possible that she is using some kind of psychological play? Pretending to be his informant and gaining his trust before going in for the kill.
Talia is also an unlikely suspect. Having been held captive for several years what reason could she possibly have to turn against those who took her in? And don't forget had it not been for Albert's intervention she would have probably died by his hand. That doesn't make for a very good partnership now does it?
Of course I know who the traitor is and it will soon be revealed to you all in the next instalment so you'll have to wait and see for yourselves but I would be interested in hearing your guesses as to who you think it is so drop your comments in the box below :)