Saturday, 11 April 2015


With the release of the fourth instalment in the series I'm sure by now you know there is a traitor among them but who could it be? Let's look at some of the facts and possible suspects. We know the traitor is female and lives in the house. She reports everything back to Deacon but the problem is every female in the house appears to hate him with a vengeance.
Megan for obvious reasons couldn't possibly be reporting to him could she? Her entire life was spent being chased by him. Could it be a case of Stockholm syndrome?
Callie another of his victims surely isn't the candidate though she was in fact attracted to him when they first crossed paths could that still be the case?
Beth fled from him years ago to protect her children and almost burned in her own house after he set it alight.Why would she jeopardise it all now?
Sabrina seeks revenge for the slaughter of her family by his hand. Is it possible that she is using some kind of psychological play? Pretending to be his informant and gaining his trust before going in for the kill.
Talia is also an unlikely suspect. Having been held captive for several years what reason could she possibly have to turn against those who took her in? And don't forget had it not been for Albert's intervention she would have probably died by his hand. That doesn't make for a very good partnership now does it?
Of course I know who the traitor is and it will soon be revealed to you all in the next instalment so you'll have to wait and see for yourselves but I would be interested in hearing your guesses as to who you think it is so drop your comments in the box below :)

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