Saturday, 15 March 2014

Interviewing evil

Since we already had Q&A with Beth, I thought you might like to hear from the Twisted Bloodlines bad guy. Book five is centered around Beth and Deacon, so this interview will give you a little insight into what kind of man he really is.

1) In a few words, how would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as being an intelligent man, who has worked hard to achieve the position I hold on the power ladder. I'm a fair man, although I'm sure many would disagree. Admittedly, I'm not a warm and approachable person, but if you have something of worth to offer, then I will greatly reward you for your efforts.

2) So does that mean you're a wealthy man? Or do you have to struggle to make ends meet?

I am indeed a wealthy man, my father made sure of that, leaving his money and the business to me. I've never had to struggle for money, nor do I ever intend to.

3)What would your parents think, of the man you have become today?

My father would be extremely proud of who I am today. I really couldn't care less what my mother would think, and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't care either way.

4)In your teenage years, is this how you visualized your life to be? Or did you have other plans?

As a teenager, I learned of my father's job description, and was encouraged to follow in his footsteps. I always visualized my life to be this way, not just to live up to my father's expectations, but because I enjoy what I do.

5)Who are your closest allies? Do you even have friends, or just acquaintances?

I would have to say acquaintances, friends bring complications to the equation. Justin, being the prime example. I do have a few close co-workers who hold the same vision as me, but I'm sure they wouldn't think twice about stabbing me in the back for their own personal gain. As for allies, I guess you could include the mage's in that category, but then we are after all out for ourselves, I'm sure they have their own agenda for choosing to ally with me.

6)We already know about your parenting skills, but did you ever want to have children you could nurture and love? Or was the plan always to create life, in order of gaining power?

I don't nurture, neither do I love. Would I have liked for them to follow in my footsteps, then the answer to that is yes, but you're right in saying that it is all for power.

7)What is your ultimate goal in life? What is your plan once you have achieved this goal?

Now that would be telling. I can reveal that obviously power is what I seek, and once I achieve that, I will sit back and reap my rewards.

8)Do you think it is unfair that you're being labeled the bad guy? If so, why?

I pay no mind to what people label me, name calling is rather juvenile, don't you think? Those high and mighty panthers, will always find someone to call the bad guy if they don't conform to their standards. I think they forget we are animals by nature.

9)Are you all business when it comes to your victims? Or do you prolong their suffering?

I suppose that depends on the victim, what mood I'm in, and also whether I have the time frame to play. So I guess you could say its a bit of both, depending on the actual day.

10)Aren't you at least a little bit sympathetic towards your victims?

I sympathise with no-one. If you're incompetent enough to get yourself in that situation, then you deserve what you get for your own stupidity.

11)Do you ever tire of hunting your victims?

I never tire of the chase. It is my nature after all, and so much fun, especially when the smell of their fear is so intoxicating.

12)Does it bother you that people despise your very existence?

Again no, people's opinions mean nothing to me, unless I benefit from them. I suppose despising me, gives them something to do with their day.

13)When in combat, do you prefer to battle as a man, or the beast?

I get satisfaction from both. With my victims, it is always as a man, but I find that the wolves and panthers can't seem to fight me as a man, choosing to shift instead. Why give them an advantage over me and stay a man, when in actual fact, in panther form I am twice the size of them.

14)Do you see yourself as invincible, or is there an enemy that could meet your match?

It depends on what you class as invincible. Cutting someone's head off is a sure way to find out. I suppose you could say I see myself as invincible, I am after all still here. I have many enemies and so far none even come close to seriously wounding me, let alone ending my life. No, there is no-one who can match up to my strength.

15)Would you ever consider abandoning your evil ways? If so, what would you do instead?

Evil ways eh? I wouldn't put it quite like that, most don't see the big picture. If they did, I'm sure they would repeat my actions. I see no other life for myself, I enjoy mine, far too much.

16)If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I actually wouldn't want to change a thing, but if pushed for an answer, I would have to say I wish my father had started teaching me earlier, instead of waiting until my teens.

17)Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself having it all, of this I'm sure.

18)What does normal mean to you?

Ah, so I guess you're implying that I'm not your version of normal. Perhaps its true, but everyone has their own definition of normal. I'm an animal by nature, a beast which isn't to be tamed. Do you really think that such an animal, wouldn't bite your hand off if you attempted to pet it? We live for the hunt, natural predators, if you run, I will chase. So you see, in my world, this is normal. The rules of the jungle and all that.

19)Is there a significant other, or do you prefer your solitude?

No, there isn't a significant other. Why? Are you offering yourself for the position? I highly doubt you would enjoy the experience. Do I prefer solitude? Yes, I suppose I do. Having the same obedient female, day in, day out, would be tiresome. Its much more fun to have several, especially when they are unwilling.

20)What will you do with the rest of your day, once you leave here?

Scared, I may stick around and let you get to know me better? As much as I would enjoy that, I have business to attend to. I'm sure you won't mind if I don't fill in all the gory details for you, its better that you remain ignorant in your safe and sheltered world. After all, the less you know about us, the likely-hood of continuing to live your normal life safely, is greatly increased.

So that concluded an extremely unnerving interview, with the creepiest and most terrifying guy I've ever met. It goes to show that Deacon is evil through and through, and has no intention of changing his ways at all.


  1. creepy indeed though well spoken and honest!!

    1. Thanks Cybele Moon :) I appreciate you taking the time to read it :)