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What is it like to live in a fantasy world?

In preparation for book five (despite being quite a while away:) ) I decided to do some Q & A with the most important, but least in the limelight, character from the cast of Twisted Bloodlines. Beth, being the only human in the household, has a big role to fill. I wanted to know, just what it was like for her entering a world of fantasy, and how becoming a mother to inhuman children, affected her.

Q : So Beth, tell me what it was like going into a world that had previously been only known to you, in books of fiction and big screen films? How did you become aware of its existence?

A : At first Deacon seemed like any normal attractive man. He was pleasant and generous, treating me like a lady of worth. Don't get me wrong, he never once harmed me, although I'm not defending his twisted mind at all. He is a very dangerous man indeed, but I'm getting off track here and jumping ahead of the story, sorry. I instantly fell for his charms, he knew exactly what buttons to push, and before I knew it, I was agreeing to leave my life behind and move in with him. At first it seemed like any normal setting, his home was large, like a mansion, but he was strict on which part of the house I was to remain in. I was curious as to his reasoning but I was so blinded by love that I never thought to question it. It was after all, his house.
With time, we seemed like any normal couple, and it was only a matter of months before I found out I was expecting Sean and Paul. This was when he began to change, his mood swings were confusing, and we spent less time together than previously. Bored and alone, I decided to venture further into the house. I didn't expect the things I came across. The muffled screams of a woman was the first thing I came across. The screams were coming from behind a closed door, I remember being terrified of what could be happening behind it. I tried the handle, but it was locked from the inside. The screams instantly subsided, and I heard movement as though someone was approaching the door. A click sounded, and the handle began to lower, scared of who, or what I was about to confront, I turned around and fled back to my side of the house.
I continued to return to the forbidden side of the house, but never came across the screams again. I did however, find the door ajar on one occasion. Unable to contain my curiosity, all senses fled my brain and I entered the room. I can still feel the horror at what I discovered, as I took in the sight before me. The room was laid out as though it was some sort of clinic, there were a variety of sharp looking implements, all bloodstained with fresh blood. The sheet spread out across the bed in the center of the room, was also blood splattered, but shredded all over as though some wild animal had fought on top of it. The machinery surrounding the bed looked similar to the ultrasound equipment they have in hospitals.
My mind raced with what possible explanation Deacon could hold for the rooms existence, but it was soon cut short as he entered the room. His eyes blazed with fury, turning from their usual blue, to yellow right in front of me. His mouth spread into a grin as I continued to watch in disbelief as his teeth grew longer, sharpening into points that you would only come across on a wild animal. Shocked, I listened as he then proceeded to inform me that the man I was in love with was in fact, not human but a beast. He even demonstrated that fact for me, shifting into a panther there and then.
Fear kept me with him after that. He never told me what went on in that room, but as I continued to sneak across to it, I soon began piecing it together. Once he found out about Megan, that's when things changed for the worst. He informed me of his plans for her, which completely horrified me. That was when I knew I had to escape, fear for my daughter over- ruled any fear I had for my own safety. The rest of the story, you already know.
As for what it was like entering their world, it was terrifying. Knowing that you are living under the same roof as a beast who could rip you to shreds was one thing, but knowing that there was a whole world filled with them, was quite an adjustment for me. It took me a long while before I felt fully comfortable among the panthers, I suppose knowing that my own children were to become the same, helped with adapting to their strange world. Although having been thrust into it, I really didn't have much choice in the matter.

Q : Every mother loves her children. How do you feel, birthing children that are not human?

A : I admit I was scared at first, especially once I'd learned what their father was. Deacon didn't exactly fill me in on all the details of what to expect, neither did I want to ask him. I had no idea whether they would come out baring fangs, or be a normal looking baby. Sean and Paul seemed normal, I wasn't sure if Deacon's beastly nature would come out in all of the children. Luckily once Peter saved me, he informed me of what would happen, and that they wouldn't actually shift until they were in their twenties. I was like any normal mother, I loved my children despite what they would become. My only regret is who their biological father is. Thankfully they are nothing like him. It doesn't bother me that they aren't human, all I see are my flesh and blood. If anything, it makes them all the more special for me.

Q : What would you do, if you came face to face with Deacon again?

A : While its true Deacon never harmed me, I still know what he's capable of and I did escape with his children. I've had one close encounter when he burned the house down, I don't intend to have another. In answer to your question, I would flee the other way, and hope to god he didn't follow.

Well thank you Beth for your time, I think its safe to say I don't envy your life. I can only hope things improve, and that you can finally relax without the threat of Deacon, hanging over you.

Um, thanks. I'm sure it will soon.

Wow, that's one situation I wouldn't have liked to be in. That creepy room, would have haunted my dreams for years to come. I doubt that I would have adapted as well as Beth, she's quite a woman, but I suppose she has to be :)

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