Sunday, 2 March 2014

Character biography

I'm trying out some new posts for my characters, a little biography form that I came across inspired me so here goes :)
Name: Blake Deveraux
Parents: Anna and Justin Deveraux
Siblings: Devon Deveraux

History/ background: Blake has been around for many years serving under his father in their attempt to save unsuspecting females from Deacon's evil grasp. During his reign of retribution, Blake found his intended mate, and learned that she was in far more danger than any of Deacon's victims. Priorities altered, Blake took a career change, focusing all his attention on this unaware female of his destiny, and became her shadowed bodyguard. Waiting in the wings, Blake was ready to protect her at all costs.

Physical appearance: Dark brown, shoulder length hair, with deep green eyes set in a perfectly chiseled face.
Blake's six foot broad frame, is extremely muscular and he prefers to wear dark clothing, usually consisting of black or navy, snug fit T-shirts, black Levi's and black biker boots to complete the ensemble.

Personality: Blake isn't a very approachable person. His mean and moody appearance is not far short of his personality. It's not often that he smiles, although this gesture is usually reserved for Megan only. He has, on occasion, uttered a few witty sentences, but has a very limited sense of humor.

Intelligence: Blake is extremely intelligent, and would give wikipedia a run for it's money, but I suspect his knowledge is down to being around for a while.

Talents/skills: Blake's skills are in combat and he is a force to be reckoned with. Very few are able to match his talents and most don't live to tell the tale.

Failings: Blake's failing's are his hot temper. One wrong word will have him in a blazing fury.

Characteristics: Blake has a habit of dragging his hand through his luscious locks when he's stressed. Megan usually evokes this particular habit in him.

Why would you sympathise with him? : Blake faces many challenges when it comes to capturing the one he wants. His lack of ability to express his feelings towards her, had prevented their union for quite some time, and the countless times Megan, has endangered herself for the good of others, is also another good reason to sympathise with Blake, who was left distraught, and wondering if the love of his life would be taken away for good.

What attracts him to her? : Megan is Blake's destined mate, he has known this a whole lot longer than she has. Blake can't help his attraction to her, although I'm sure at times he wished he could. Since the first time he looked into her eyes, she became his world, and Blake will fight to the death, before he lets anything get in the way of that.

What does Blake want from life? : Blake wants what anyone else does. He wants to live his life with Megan, raising their children together in peace. He has lived a long time alone, knowing that she was his destiny, and he intends to make up for all those missed years apart.
Why is Blake a better person with Megan beside him? : He is no longer reckless now that he has another person to think about. She also calms his explosive temper, and he has become a lot more approachable with her influence.

So there is Blake's profile, I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about him :)

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