Thursday, 20 March 2014

A newspaper clipping of Deacon's latest expeditions

                                         MONFORT NEWS
WWW.MONFORTNEWS.COM                    The nations favorite newspaper                                                         19/03/201

Michelle Evans, was reported missing last night by her sister, Kayla Evans. She began to worry when Michelle hadn't returned home, after a night out with work colleagues. Kayla claims that her last contact with Michelle, was at 10pm the previous night, when she had called to say that she was on her way home, after stopping off to get the pair a takeaway pizza. An hour later there was still no sign of Michelle. Concerned, Kayla called up Michelle's colleagues who informed her that they had accompanied her to the pizza place, where they left together, but then went their separate ways. Michelle lives within walking distance from the wine-bar she and her colleagues attended that night, and the journey would only have taken her ten minutes to return home. After police questioned the owner of the pizza restaurant, they discovered that a suspicious looking man, had been spotted in the vicinity that night. The description fits that of the same man, reported to have also been seen hanging around Monfort on the days of the disappearance, of three other missing women. The police haven't connected the incidents and are still making enquiries as to the missing women's whereabouts, but they have issued an appeal for this man to come forward, so he can be eliminated from their enquiries. He is about six foot two, blond hair, heavily muscled and smartly dressed, with piercing blue eyes. The owner of Cabbots nightclub, which is where one of the other women disappeared from, describes the man as being a little wild, possibly on drugs, and oddly claims that on this occasion he must have been wearing some kind of contact lenses, because his eyes appeared to be yellow. Mr Macalista, an employee at the multiplex cinema in downtown Monfort, also claims to have seen a man fitting this description on the night Libby Peacock went missing. He claims he must be some kind of vampire fanatic, because on the night he saw him, Mr Macalista insists that he was wearing a pair of plastic vampire fangs. The police have issued a statement for the women of Monfort to remain calm, there could be several reasons for the disappearance of these women, but for the moment they are urging people to remain together and not to walk home alone.

A article from the Twisted Bloodlines home town on Deacon's latest expeditions. It seems even a man such as himself, is not as clever as he thought he was, to get picked up by the local tabloids. I wonder who will find him first, the panthers or the local law enforcement? I can't see Deacon behind bars, a caged animal and all that :)

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