Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sean and Paul's thoughts on being cast aside from their family

I've invited Paul and Sean for a little chat about how life is, returning to their family.
First of all, what was life like growing up without your mother?

Paul : Life was great, since we were only young at the time, we soon forgot about her and focused on the more important things in life.

Me : That sounds kind of bitter Paul, is it true that you were the one to raise Sean?

Sean : Paul guided me through our younger years and into our teens. We weren't without a guardian, but he was pretty absent most of the time, leaving us to fend for ourselves. We were far from stupid, despite our young age, we adapted. Paul had a little more awareness than I, so it was clear, he should take on the role of decision maker. He didn't raise me, we're the same age.

Me : That's terrible, leaving you two to fend for yourselves. Was there no-one else who could help you?

Paul : We didn't need help. There was always plenty of food, and anything else we needed. His absence taught us a valuable lesson on surviving the big bad world. Besides, we turned out okay.

Me : Did it effect you at all, growing up without a female presence in your life?

Paul : I had plenty of females in my life, sometimes even up to three a night.

Me : Um, I actually meant, did the absence of a mother figure, effect you? Did it effect your relationships with women?

Paul : Clearly not.

Me : But did you have trouble committing to a relationship? Maybe that is why you choose to have one night stands.

Paul : No, that isn't it at all. As you're aware, we have a destined mate. In the meantime, any female is only temporary and there is no sense in getting attached.

Me : Well okay then, now that you're mated Paul, has it affected the relationship? Do you choose to distance yourself from Amara, in fear of her deserting you as your mother did?

Paul : She can't, once you're mated, it's for life. Now can we move on from my love life?

Me : Sorry, how about you Sean? I see you've expressed an interest in Trey. Do you have any female interest at all?

Sean : No, no females.

Me : So you're gay then? Do you think that may be linked to your mother's absence?

Sean : I highly doubt that, and I'd rather not talk about my sexual relations.

Me : Do you resent your mother for abandoning you?

Paul : No, that would require effort.

Sean : Paul! No we don't resent her, she felt that it was for the best. We did receive letters through the years explaining her remorse, and I suppose being on the constant move with four children, would have been difficult.

Paul : Besides, I think I'd have preferred to remain settled in one place, hiding really isn't my thing.

Me : What about Megan and Jase? Do you resent the fact that they were chosen to remain with you're mother instead of you?

Paul : Not at all, if anything, I feel sorry for them. They've had no life, no teenage experiences or friends. Why would I have preferred to trade places?

Me : Okay, how do you feel, being called upon after all these years to protect a sister you've never met?

Paul : I admit I was a little ticked off by it. Our presence has never been sought before that, even when Peter joined the equation and they became more settled.

Sean : I tend to agree. I mean once we were able to shift, we could protect ourselves. As for protecting Megan, I don't begrudge that.

Paul : I'd like to get a shot at my father any day, I have my own score to settle.

Me : I'm sure everyone would, Okay last question. How is your relationship with your mother now?

Paul : Non- existent. I converse to be civil, but other than that, I'm really not after anything more than an acquaintance.

Me : So you have no intention of building any sort of relationship with the woman who birthed you?

Paul : Not in the slightest.

Sean : We are not very affectionate people, neither do we rely on anyone. The time for a mother/son relationship has come and gone. It's not that we're bitter towards her, It's simply because we have trouble building a relationship with a complete stranger. I know she feels awkward and unsure around us, so we choose to relieve that pressure and keep our distance.

Me : That sounds very sad.

Sean : Not really. We grew up without her, so there was never a bond. It's like having a random stranger in the street, tell you they are your mother. You wouldn't instantly love them, and yearn for their company would you?

Me : I suppose not. Well thank you for coming, and sparing me the time in your busy schedule.

Sean : You're welcome.

Paul : Can we go now?

Well, an interesting interview with the boys, although I'm not convinced by their 'not bothered' attitude, but who am I to argue it. (Well I did try, but It's not advisable to anger a wild animal) :)

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