Sunday, 4 May 2014

What do the cast of Twisted Bloodlines fear?

After revealing on my other blog, the fear I have of the sea, I decided to ask the cast of Twisted Bloodlines, what fears they may have. I admit, I did expect the guys to tough it up, and say 'I fear nothing', but most of them owned up to their fears. Read on to find out what they revealed :)

Megan : 'I have a big fear of spiders. I know they are tiny, and I'm huge in comparison, but they make my skin crawl.'
Yes Megan, that is a very odd fear to have, considering your nature, but hey, I'm not a fan of spiders myself :)

Jase : 'I'm man enough to admit it. I have a fear of vomiting. When those chunks get stuck in your throat...... Ugh, I'm feeling sick just talking about it!'
Okay Jase, that admission has made me very queasy.

Peter : 'I have a fear of being confined in tight spaces. I guess it's the animal in me, he doesn't like feeling caged'
I suppose that's a suitable fear for you to have Peter, not very manly though.

Sean : 'I'm not sure it's a fear as such, more of a dislike. I hate to be touched without permission. I know some people like to embrace in a welcome, or farewell, but I'm not one of those people'
Um okay Sean, no touching. You're rather an uptight individual.

Paul : 'I can't stand dentists. All that digging around in my mouth, and the drilling setting me on edge, I hate it! As for the fear, I think maybe that should apply to them. If I'm in pain, I tend to lash out'
Well, most of us can't stand the dentist Paul, but given your size, I'd probably fear you as a patient, myself.

Devon : 'I guess you could say, I have a fear of water. I never bothered to learn to swim, and all those waves tend to freak me out'
Very brave of you to admit that Devon, I can relate, although I do know how to swim, it's the sea I fear.

Callie : 'I have a huge fear of flying. The only way, you could get me to board a plane, would be by sedation. I can't even watch a movie with a plane involved'
A common fear Callie, even I'm a little nervous about flying.

Blake : 'The only thing I fear is failure. I have to succeed in all areas, failure isn't in my vocabulary'
Mmm, a very manly fear to admit Blake, and one which I kind of expected from you.

Talia : 'I have a fear of clowns. They are completely creepy. Everything about them is scary, even their shoes'
That was not a fear I expected to hear from a tough girl like you Talia, they are kind of creepy though.

Luke : 'The only thing I fear, is commitment, although I don't know why, because I will never allow it to happen'
And that, I totally expected from you Luke.

Beth : 'I have a major fear of needles, although in my current state, I seem to be getting jabbed with them constantly. I have to squeeze my eyes shut, and pray for it to be over quickly'
Another common fear, although Beth, you're human after all.

Trey : 'Sorry, I don't have a fear of anything. I dislike many things, but a fear? Nothing springs to mind'
Well, I couldn't have every male own up to their fears, I suppose :)

There you have it, even paranormal folk have common fears.

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