Saturday, 10 May 2014

Love triangles

We've all heard of love triangles, and the heartbreak that goes with them, and the cast of Twisted Bloodlines are no exception.

Megan, Blake, and Trey, are caught up in their own love triangle. It's an extremely difficult situation indeed. Especially when the trio live together, and have to see each other every day. I have to admit, Blake handles it quite well. Yes, he has lost it, on several occasions, but who wouldn't expect some sort of reaction, after having to share your mate with a third party. Megan, doesn't exactly make things easier. Her constant attempts to save Trey, despite risking her own safety, would give anyone mixed signals, regardless of her insistence that her feelings are purely platonic towards him.

I know Trey, has helped her through some tough times, before she even met Blake. Megan, even admits that she did have strong feelings for Trey, in the past. Did they just fade, after time? It does happen, I suppose. Maybe it is just gratitude, and that Megan, feels she owes him for all that he's done for her.

Perhaps she does still feel for him, but since it's not reciprocated, Megan, decided that Blake, was a safer option for her heart. Trey, isn't exactly a straight forward person, after all. Despite his initial rejection of her advances, Trey is now displaying a strong interest in her. He claims to be in love, but is this just because she has committed to Blake? Trey, is the sort of person to chase after forbidden things. He enjoys to walk on the wild side, and he's definitely doing that, by going up against Blake.

And what of Blake? Does he harbour a secret grudge against Megan? She would be the one to blame in all of this. Perhaps he feels, Megan enjoys the attention of two males fighting for her affections.
What must this be doing to his ego? A handsome tough guy like him, practically unbeatable on the battlefield, and the female he is destined to be with, holds a bond to another man. Not exactly healthy relationship material, is it? Although it could be quite the opposite. Maybe Blake, is confident where Megan's, loyalties lie. They do share a bond, and all emotions are supposed to be revealed. However, they can be blocked. Megan, herself has done this on one occasion, and Blake, is a master at it.

Either way, a most troublesome situation to be in. I guess, you'll just have to follow the series, to see how things pan out :)

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