Monday, 7 July 2014

Past temptations

Now that book three has been released, I'm working on the fourth instalment in the series. Without divulging too much information, I can tell you, that it is centred around the characters pasts, and the people they used to know. We all advise that the past should be just that, 'The Past.' But sometimes it does cross our paths, as it has done in this book. What if the past held someone dear to you? Someone that you couldn't live without, but then it all went wrong. Maybe they hurt you, destroyed you so badly that you never thought you'd be able to come back from it. Would you allow them back into your life after that? Or would you turn them away, showing that you are stronger than ever, and their presence no longer affects you like it used to.
All these scenarios hold similarities to the characters in book four, especially Sean. His past has returned, one that was deeply disturbing, and has made him the man he is today. It still haunts him after all these years, and when he finds himself, once again staring it in the face, what will his reaction be?
We all have a past, whether good or bad. Some like to reminisce on it, claiming it was some of the best days of their lives. Others want nothing more than to bury it as deeply as they can, never to resurface again. What if you had unknowingly upset someone from the past? Maybe you didn't even know them, but your actions had affected them so badly, that they have come seeking revenge. Jase has no doubt upset a few females in his past, treating them as you would a tissue. Does his fate hold a woman scorned?
Perhaps you unwittingly affected someone you crossed paths with, just by being kind. That one passing moment, refusing to be wiped from their memory even after all these years. Maybe they come in search of you, hoping to rekindle a romance that was never there. Paul, was a heartbreaker in his time. Despite his macho attitude, I'm sure he has performed several random acts of kindness. Let's face it, plenty of females admire him, but would they go as far as to hunt him down?
What if you did something so bad to a person, that their family came in search of you? Only it didn't turn out quite as you would have expected. Luke, I'm sure, has plenty of enemies, and despite being more than capable of dealing with them, emotion is the one thing he lacks. Or is it?
We all have a past. There is no way of changing it, but we either learn from it, despise it, or cherish it.

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