Sunday, 6 July 2014

The buildings of Twisted Bloodlines

Quite a few buildings are mentioned in the story, Megan's home, Blake's cottage etc. I decided to give you some sort of idea, of what they look like, and how I visualize them, to aid your imagination when you come across them :)
For those of you who are new to the series, I have also done this with the characters, portraying how I see their appearance. (You'll have to scroll through the previous posts to find it)
Book one is mainly situated around three buildings. First up is Megan's house:

I think it's a pretty cool house, lot's of action occurs on the porch roof :)

The next one, is Blake's cottage :

Plenty of action occurs in this property, as well as major milestones. Quite a lot of book one, is featured around this place.

The third one for this book is Deacon's house:

 A very nasty building indeed. This is one place you really don't want to visit, but unfortunately is featured through quite a lot of the series.

Lastly in book one it is Blake's parents house:

As you can see, they are not short of money, however the stay was brief, and rather unpleasant.

Book two includes a few new buildings, but again, Deacon's place is featured in the story. Starting with Peter's house, this is where things are mainly based:

Peter is also a wealthy man, and this is his families estate, and also where the cast of Twisted Bloodlines currently reside.

Luke's place:

Only a brief visit to this property, but far from uneventful, and most likely never to be returned to.

The Mage society:

Most of book two, and future books, including book three, are centered around this building. I'd like to say it's a pleasant one, but then I'd be lying :) Cool building though.

So there you have it, at least now you can put a building to a scene :)

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