Monday, 17 February 2014

So what hobbies do these shape-shifting warriors have, to pass the time?

With life being a constant battle of survival, what do the cast of Twisted Bloodlines do, to pass the time when things are quiet on the home front? I asked a few of them, and here is what they had to say on the subject:
Megan, a woman after my own heart, loves to read. She has a vast collection of books, in varied genres and claims that if she doesn't get to read regularly, she breaks out in a sweat. A little drastic, but I get where she's coming from.
Blake, naturally likes to workout. With the newly installed gym equipment that Peter so kindly supplied, Blake can be found down in the basement, shirtless and sweaty. Mmm, definitely fires up the imagination!
Callie has a love of gardening, although given the circumstances, she isn't allowed out on the grounds unless accompanied. So she makes do, with a small indoor green house that Devon put together for her. She admits he's very good with his hands. I'll bet he is :)
Trey admits that his favorite hobby, lies in the bedroom. Not much else entertains him. If he isn't fighting, then that is the only thing he'd rather be doing. Why does that not surprise me?
Devon, claims he's somewhat of a couch potato. When he isn't tending to his mate's needs, he loves nothing more than to park himself in front of the big screen, and veg out. A close second is eating, he is a growing man after all.
Jase, a lot like Blake, also enjoys working out, but his ultimate passion (other than the females) is his car. He can spend hours cleaning, and finely tuning his prized possession. Let's hope he puts in as much effort with the ladies :)
Talia's favorite past-time, used to be the male species. Now that she is settled down, so to speak, she finds herself at a loose end. Although I should imagine, her time is taken up with her significant other.
Sabrina reveals that she enjoys perfecting her combat skills, and when she's not doing that, Sabrina will indulge in endless hours of yoga. She claims, it's always good to be limber, when searching for a prospective partner. Cheeky little puppy :)
Lastly, Luke admits that when he's not battling evil, he spends his time working with his magic, and seeing just how much pain he can inflict upon himself, without causing a fatality. Definitely not my choice of a hobby, but hey, who am I to judge?
So there you have it, relatively normal hobbies for the least normal people I know. (obviously Luke is an exception, but I wouldn't have him any other way)

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