Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Paul is introduced in book one as he meets his younger siblings, Megan and Jase for the first time. Twin to Sean, both were brought up by a relative when Beth made her escape from Deacon, choosing to separate the children in order to make it easier for her to keep on the move. Mated and married to Amara, who is human but also no stranger to his world having been brought into it long before she met Paul, they have twin boys of their own but their relationship is far from loving. Paul keeps his feelings to himself, giving the appearance of a couple completely in love when it is anything but that. His failing marriage and resentment towards his mother's abandonment only becomes apparent in book three and four where you definitely see a different side to him than originally portrayed. His appearance is similar to his father Deacon, Paul is just as tall and broad although Jase is more of an exact double, feature wise. Paul is genuinely a nice guy and a devoted father but when his world falls apart, the beast within makes an appearence, transforming him into someone you really don't want to cross. There are a brave few who manage to raise a smile on his face every now and then, but sadly he won't allow anyone too close, even the one person who can save him from his downward spiral into destruction. When times are tough, we either fall apart or fight to improve them. Will Paul realize what is right in front of him or will he continue to loose himself, piece by piece until all that remains is a twisted replica of the father he once despised. You will have to follow the series to find out :)
Paul as I see him :)

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