Sunday, 8 September 2013


Jase is filled with a lot of anger and resentment. Having always been the man of the house from an early age he took his role very seriously indeed. He did his best to protect his twin sister Megan from the constant threat of their father but he just doesn't have the strength to match up to him. His mother's marriage to Peter didn't help, especially when she praised his ability to protect Megan where Jase couldn't. Blake's appearance caused Jase further resentment as he took on the role of Megan's protector, pushing Jase further aside from his beloved twin. Despite this, he still continues to attempt to defend her as best he can even though at times he catches the hint of fear in her eyes when she looks at him causing Jase to despise the reflection staring back at him when he looks in the mirror. The resemblance Jase holds to the man that stalks Megan is so strong that he can't even comfort her when she awakens from a nightmare as she becomes momentarily confused in her dream state as to whether it is the beast himself by her bedside. It's not only Megan who is troubled by Jase's appearance, his father's other victim also holds the same reaction when she looks into Jase's eyes. Despite sharing the same face as the devil himself, Jase has no problems attracting the opposite sex. His model looks and muscled figure are more than enough to assure him a bedmate for the night. His easy going nature and sense of humor is also an attraction, although he is quick to anger and can sometimes sulk like a teenager. Jase has no trouble releasing his inner beast when an attack is launched and will give as good as he gets despite his lack of ability to take down the man that fathered him. Jase hasn't yet had his starring role but I can tell you that his time is coming soon, I have my own soft spot for Jase. Let's hope I can do him the justice he deserves :)
What I imagine Jase as :)

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