Monday, 14 October 2013


Tyson is new to the cast of Twisted Bloodlines. He makes his appearance in book four. Dark skinned with closely cropped hair, and eyes so dark that they are almost black. Tyson has the appearance of a soldier, partial to combat trousers and boots, his six foot three figure is heavily muscled, and his ever presents muscle vest only emphasises his huge biceps. Tyson has seen and taken part in things that will haunt his soul for all eternity, but to him it was completely necessary to get where he is now. Having established himself in Deacons domain, he is in a prime position to extract his revenge on the man who has destroyed his life. Only a young boy at the time, hidden from view by his father, Tyson witnessed the horrific end to his entire family, slaughtered by Deacon. The future that had been mapped out for him, including the mate promised to him from the day of his birth, all gone thanks to one man. However it seems that isn't entirely true, in a cruel twist of fate, his intended mate turns up out of the blue, clearly not as dead as he thought she was since she is held prisoner in the very place he resides. His next mission given to him by Deacon, is to destroy her but will he complete it? If he doesn't, he risks compromising his position, Deacon is no fool. Tyson has already done plenty to damn himself to hell, what's one more? It would all have been for nothing if he fails now. Does she have what it takes to convince him otherwise, freeing her and saving what's left of his soul? Follow the series to find out :)
How I see Tyson :)

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