Wednesday, 30 October 2013


I can't really say too much about Bree, she's kind of a secret :) Born to mixed breed parents, she has spent most of her life raising herself. Banished from the mage society, her own mother didn't bother to help her, despite the fact that it was her fault since she chose to sleep with Bree's father, knowing the penalty she would face. Cold hearted towards her first born child, she left Bree to make her own way into the world at the tender age of thirteen. With her father completely unaware of Bree's existence, she used her mixed heritage to get by. Shifting in order to hunt for food and using magic to defend herself against any threat that came her way, Bree toughened and managed to survive into womanhood. Through the years she gained an army of her own, each man dedicated to keeping Bree safe. She holds no interest in the power struggle among the races, preferring to stick to the shadows she grew up in. Stunningly beautiful, having been graced with both of her parents good looks, Bree is quite a sight indeed. Six feet tall, with long dark hair that reaches her waist, Bree keeps her appearance battle style. Hair twisted into one long braid, her perfectly curved body is kept clad in tight black leather, complete with combat boots. Bree has no need for long flowing skits or dresses, since they aren't exactly practical for her kind of lifestyle. Bree first appears in book three, and let's just say her presence is a big shock. There will be more of Bree in book five, and I'm really looking forward to working her into the story line, although tough, Bree is pretty laid back and even quite amusing, but does lack in the emotional department. Having spent many years in solitude until her little army grew, Bree has only had male company throughout the years, so emotions such as love, friendship etc are quite foreign to her. Follow the series to find out more about Bree and her parentage :)
Bree how I see her :)

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