Sunday, 3 November 2013

My date with Luke from Twisted Bloodlines

Here is a bit of a fun post for you, I decided to go on a date with one of the Twisted Bloodlines characters. It was a hard choice to make as to which of the guys to pick, because let's face it they are all drop dead gorgeous :) I know Trey would be first choice for some of you, but as much as I probably would enjoy a date with lord mischief, his unstable side is a little worrying. Devon would be another good choice, gorgeous and easy going, but I like a bit of danger in the mix so that kind of narrows it down to three, Blake, Luke and Paul. I decided to go with Luke, Blake is obviously unobtainable (Megan wouldn't be too pleased) and Paul is going through a bad patch (which is top secret at the moment :)) So Luke it is. Before we meet, I have to find a suitable outfit. Despite Luke's chilly aura, he still appreciates a fine looking woman, so I go with something simple yet eye catching. Skinny jeans, knee high boots and a white peasant blouse is my chosen outfit, I leave my hair down after a quick go-over with a curling tong and I'm good to go. Luke has advised me that he's chosen a small restaurant set in a scenic location and that he will arrive promptly at 8pm to pick me up. With five minutes to go, I pace nervously, unsure of how this date is going to go, but hey, I'm the author I can always re-write it :)It's 7.58pm and the sound of a car approaches, It's headlights illuminating the interior of my house. Taking a deep breath I approach the door and open it. Luke steps out of his silver BMW, his cool gaze traveling across my outfit, followed by a nod of approval before walking around to the passenger side where he opens the door for me. How very gentlemanly of him:) I slide past, chancing a glance at his gorgeous face. His violet eyes seem to sparkle against the shine of the headlights, I haven't quite worked out whether I like them yet. Unusual and a little unnerving, especially when he's angry, I guess you would have to spend a lot of time in his company to get used to them. My gaze travels over the rest of him, and I'm feeling a little overdressed. Luke is wearing a simple white T-shirt and navy jeans. The tight fit is very pleasing to the eye, as it reveals the outline of his well defined physic. I haven't had a rear view yet but I'm sure I will be rewarded with one in due course. I climb in, leaning back against the plush leather seat. Luke shuts the door after me and goes round to his side, getting into the car. There's something very alluring about watching him drive, his movements are smooth and relaxed as he rests one hand lightly on the steering wheel, lips curving as he clearly senses my admiration of him. We drive in silence and I'm thankful that the location isn't far, uncomfortable silences tend to make me babble and I don't think Luke is the sort of person who holds much patience. Arriving at our destination, he parks with total ease, (unlike my usual sad attempts)and he reaches my door before I've even unbuckled the seat belt. Thanking him, I follow Luke towards the restaurant and the rear view was definitely worth waiting for :)The restaurant is a cozy little number and we are seated at a table for two, tucked away in a corner out of view from the other diners.Looking at the menu, I decide to go for something lady like even though the loaded 6oz hamburger is very appealing, but I choose the caesar salad instead. I can always knock up a feast later when I'm alone. Luke chooses lamb chops, well done. Clearly he doesn't share the same taste as the animals he resides with, I half expected him to order a ridiculously sized rare steak with oozing blood everywhere. There are so many questions I want to ask him as he sits there expectantly, so I start by asking him about the people he lives with. He quite bluntly tells me that he has no interest in them, cutting my line of questioning short. I decide to ask about his sister but at the mention of her name, his face hardens and those violet eyes seem to glow, narrowing at me as though he is daring me to bad mouth her. I move swiftly on, asking his thoughts on Deacon instead. He shrugs his shoulders, apparently Luke has no interest in the brewing war among the races. Instead he views himself invincible to any attack they can make on him so therefore has no need to join forces in attack or defence. He tells me his only concern is Callie, his sister whom he will protect with his life, and everyone else is of no importance. His cold attitude towards the others sends a chill through me, and also kind of halts any further questions I had in mind. His intense gaze has me nervous, and absently twirling the string on my blouse which has begun to loosen, I follow his gaze as it drops to where my top has come undone, revealing more flesh than I'd like. My face flushes at where his gaze is directed, but I can't seem to get my hands to fasten the string, if anything I'm fighting to restrain myself from loosening it further. Luke raises his gaze, his violet eyes glowing in the dimly lit restaurant. I watch as his lips curl with the beginning of a smile, clearly amused by my flustered state. I feel the need to slap myself in the head for my stupidity, my lack of control is all Luke's doing. How could I forget about his powers of persuasion? I created it. He must realize I'm onto him, as his smile drops and he looks off into the distance. My control is returned to me and I quickly re-tie the string, double knotting it for good measure. Why didn't I pick Devon instead? Oh yeah, I wanted a bit of danger. Our food arrives and we return to the uncomfortable silence from earlier in the car. I know Luke doesn't hold that much interest in women, other than scratching an itch if you catch my drift, he also knows that I can repay his mischief in a very bad way. I could turn him into a shape-shifting unicorn if I chose to, I might even do just that :)The rest of the evening continues uneventful and I can tell Luke is eager for the night to be over. Bill paid, we return to the car and head back to my house. Luke has lost his earlier mannerisms, remaining in the car while I let myself out. A small nod in farewell before he speeds out of my driveway, going about his merry way back to fantasy land. Shutting the door on my disaster date, I return to my desk and fire up the laptop, my mind suddenly filled with thoughts of a very devilish scene indeed :)

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