Monday, 14 December 2015

Book Two

Callie has lived a lonely life with no family to speak of. She has scraped by, securing a low paid job and a tiny flat but they are hers. On a rare night out in celebration of her birthday, Callie's life is set to change forever. Through one stupid mistake fueled by anger at the friend who humiliated her, and lust for the charming man who came to her aid,Callie follows the handsome stranger into the darkened alley and seals her fate. Not much time has passed since her freedom had been granted by the strange girl who released her from that terrifying ordeal. Though she is eternally grateful to have been welcomed into the home of her savior, Callie isn't entirely sure she is any safer with them. Confused to learn that she is surrounded by people that can transform into animals, is only part of her distress. The swirl of desperate need she feels toward one of the residents is enough to make her want to run for the hills. The odd behavior of a male resident has become unnerving. His advances toward her are unwanted and downright terrifying. Needing to get away from him, she flees. Escape however, is not that easy. It appears she has become the object of his affection and he is hot on her tail. As if history is repeating itself, Callie finds herself in yet another alley, trapped by the man who hunts her, and face to face with her original captor. Returned to the hellhole that plunged Callie into this world, she learns that beasts aren't the only things that exist out of the norm. Magic is very real and has been used against her. Callie finds that she has a family, one that is apparently evil to the core, inhuman and working for her captor. Escape is once again on the cards, aided by the mother she never knew she had, though it isn't done out of motherly love. Informed that she also holds magic deep inside her, Callie soon wishes she had remained an orphan when the rest of her family emerge into the equation. Times are tough for Callie, heartbreak and pain have become second nature to her. Trapped in a world she wished she'd never found, can she unleash the power within in time to save herself and her new found friends, or will this terrifying world of fantasy leave her paralysed with fear and forever vulnerable to the devil himself?

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