Monday, 10 August 2015

New charcter intro

In the fifth instalment of the Twisted Bloodlines series I have two final characters to introduce. I'll start with Leon:

This is Sabrina's wayward brother. She thought he had died many years previously but now he's back with a bang and seeking forgiveness for his past crimes. He has information that she can't process which  paints a very different picture of the family she thought she had known. Is she able to put differences aside and build bridges with the sibling she once loved? It is a difficult time for her and many obstacles stand in her way including this one:

In an unwanted turn of events and in the midst of dire situations Callum is uncovered and set to turn Sabrina's world upside down. Deeply attracted to him she feels the familiar stirring of a mate claim and it couldn't have come at a worst time. She tries to deny him protecting her fragile heart from his advances but the cocky panther refuses to be ignored. Callum has found what he's been searching for and intends to hold on to her with everything he's got.
The stage has been set and Sabrina is upfront and centre. Don't miss the final instalment of the explosive ending to what has been an emotional rollercoaster ride!

                                    THE TWISTED BLOODLINES SERIES FINALE


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