Wednesday, 10 September 2014

New character introduction

Meet Kimber. She's briefly introduced at the end of book four. I can't really give away too much about her, I'll let those of you who haven't already, catch up with the first three books in the series :) I really like her character. For starters she's not a size zero. She's proud to show off her womanly curves, and doesn't care what people think. Kimber is a mage, an extremely powerful one at that. Even Luke, is careful to hold back his sarcasm in her presence. Kimber has a special talent for tracking. She can find anyone, no matter where they are, and this is where she makes her first appearance, having been enlisted to track the boys down in the fourth installment.
Kimber is not a very social person, she's full of sarcasm, and lacking in a sense of humor. Her short temper, leaves her lacking in the friends department, but that's just how she likes it. Kimber tends to prefer her own company. She finds people to be an annoyance, she much prefers to be in the company of animals, although I'm not sure if that includes the likes of panthers and wolves :)
Definitely a good ally to have, especially with the trouble brewing at the moment. Peter, seems to hold her acquaintance somewhat, although I can't say which side she will chose, if any, at the end of it. Watch out for her in the fifth installment, I'm sure you won't be disappointed :)

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