Saturday, 30 August 2014

Halloween is on it's way

With Halloween on it's way, I thought I'd do a fun post on what the characters of Twisted Bloodlines, would choose to wear for the occasion. Take a look :)

Megan chose to live in a fairy tale for the day. Bringing her favorite childhood character, snow white to life. I suppose it's kind of relevant, she does live in what some would view as a make believe world. Here is the costume she chose:

Jase, being somewhat of the joker in the family, decided to go for a jester costume. This could be viewed in several ways. Where he sees himself as a funny guy, some just see him as a joke, and not in a good way. Here's his costume for the night:

Blake, as we know is the mean and moody type, but also a huge western fan. He chose to become an outlaw for the day, although I think he kind of is one already. Here's his chosen costume:

Beth, being the mother of the household, sees herself as the enforcer. Diffusing arguments, and restoring peace among the residents. Her chosen outfit, is a rather raunchy policewoman. I bet Peter, wouldn't mind getting handcuffed. Here's her costume:

Devon, has chosen a fictional character also. He's a huge fan of Marvel, and his favorite being Captain America. Although, I actually can see a likeness. Devon is always helping people out. Here's his costume:

Callie, having come from the human world, is somewhat of a pirate fan. Since a child, she read every book involving pirates, and decided to honor it by becoming one for a day. Here's her costume:

Paul, also a fan of comic book hero's has decided to go as Hellboy. I think this is a rather fitting look for him. He's definitely moody, and a bit of a brute. Here's his costume:

Sabrina sees herself as a bit of a soldier. Combat is definitely her thing which is why she chose this particular costume:

Luke, as we know, is somewhat of a silent character. His feet seem to glide across the ground as though barely touching. The same applies in battle, he will have you defeated before you know he's there. He chose a ninja costume, very appropriate:

Peter is rather old school. His youth was filled with characters from the black and white era. His favorite, being that of Popeye, and that's who he's chosen to go as:

Talia, is definitely an outgoing person, but also a bit of a minx. She's chosen to go dressed as a she-devil, although given Trey's recent changes, definitely a suitable match. Here's her costume:

Lastly, we have Sean. He's going through a tough time at the moment. Especially with a few self-control issues. He has revealed being a huge fan of Jack Nicholson, especially his role in the shining. He's found himself this costume, it's a little strange but he seems happy with it:

So that's the casts, chosen costumes for Halloween night. Let's hope they have a good time, because days of enjoyment, are few and far between for them.

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