Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Mage Society

Throughout the series, the Mage Society, is referred to quite a bit. So, I thought I'd give you the grand tour, of what I visualize the interior to look like :)

First, and most important, we have Violet's office. Quite a big scene, was featured in this very room. I can imagine them all standing before her, as she sits back in her chair, laying down their sentence.

Next up, we have the Mage Society hallway. It's such a grand place, I find this image quite fitting, especially with the red decor. We all know Violet's love of the colour red. (Comes in handy, to hide the bloodshed :) )

The next two images are of what I image the staircase would look like. I love winding staircases, and chandeliers :)

Up next, is the dinning room. I bet Violet, has given out a few death sentences over dinner. Still, it is a lovely setting.

Next we have the bathroom, guest room, and waiting area. Lovely images, although the guest room, is a little on the creepy side.

Obviously we have to add the kitchen, although I doubt Violet, has never even set foot in it. Very fancy :)

We have to show Violet's bedroom, the colour black, definitely suits her cold, and shriveled heart.

And last of all, the dungeons. Book three is featured heavily, in there, as well as other references throughout the series. 

So there is your virtual tour of the Mage Society. I hope you enjoyed it, and be thankful, you never have to visit it in reality :)

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