Thursday, 25 July 2013

About me

I live in London with my husband and children. I've always had a love of books ranging from different genres throughout the years. I used to love writing stories in my younger years but art had always been my passion. Only in the last few years had I decided to return to my writing again and my first book in the paranormal thriller series Twisted Bloodlines is available now. Writing my book has been such a learning curve, there is so much that goes into it and although it has been tough, I have definitely enjoyed the experience. Meeting other authors who were always glad to help out and learning how to build my own website and blogs are only some of the highlights of my journey so far. Of course nothing beats seeing your book with it's cover and the satisfying feeling of accomplishment when the edits are finished knowing that you will soon be able to hold the finalized version in your hands is the ultimate highlight of it all. Twisted Bloodlines will be the first of six books in the series and I am also working on some other projects so I'm guessing I will be very busy :)

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