Friday, 21 November 2014

Interview with Sapphire

I decided to do an interview with Sapphire, the Twisted Bloodlines resident 'Maleficent'. We all know Sapphire is powerful, and seemingly cold to the core, but is she really? I thought I'd try to find out, maybe bring out her inner 'fluffy bunny', but she wasn't as forthcoming as I'd hoped. Anyway here's the interview, enjoy :)

Me: How does it feel to be seen as the bad guy?  
Sapphire : Interesting choice of words. However, I prefer the solitude my reputation provides. People have such trivial matters, all of which I've no desire to listen to, or observe. As to how I feel about being 'the bad guy' as you put it, I'm completely unfazed by it.  
Me : Do you feel your dark side has simmered somewhat?                                                                   
Sapphire : Dark side. Hmm, I like the sound of that. Have you never heard the phrase 'don't judge a book by it's cover?' Maybe my reputation has elicited this image you talk of. Perhaps my ideals have softened somewhat lately, towards deserving people. I see myself as fair in my dealings, I've not changed myself in the slightest.   
Me : Your previous consort died, did you not seek a replacement?                                                      
Sapphire : Does a female need a male to guide her through life's trials and tribulations? I do fine on my own.    
Me : You stated that you're not the mothering type, and yet you seem to go out of your way, to protect your children. You admitted yourself, that their father's demise, was to benefit them, and you even wanted Callie, to come and live with you. Wouldn't you consider that as being motherly? 
Sapphire : My children are my responsibility. I brought them into this world, it's only fair that I assist them when the need arises. I don't offer a shoulder to cry on, or wipe tears when they fall, neither do I embrace them, offering reassurance a child would seek from a mother who birthed them. So of course, the answer is no to that question. 
Me : There's obviously a history, between you and Blake. How does his mating with Megan effect you? Do you feel jealous?   
Sapphire : It has affected me in many ways, but I assure you, it's not in your particular line of thinking. Their mating has caused a huge disruption leading to the rise of Deacon. Through their actions, they have assisted it further. As for jealousy, that is just ridiculous and doesn't warrant an answer.          
Me : We've met your parents, and clearly your mother doesn't seem to be a very nice person. What is your relationship like with her? And what about your father?    
Sapphire : My sole relationship with my mother, is purely discussing the race's matters. As for my father, we have a somewhat relaxed relationship. We understand each other, although he is far more, what you would call 'softer' than I. Do I care for him? Yes I do. My mother? Not at all.  
                       Me : You've been deemed to be extremely powerful. What are, if any, weaknesses that you have?
Sapphire : I have no weaknesses. This is the reason for my detachment. Once you hold endearments for another, that then becomes your weakness.      
Me : There's no love lost, between the mage's and panthers, baring a few exceptions. What are your feelings on the subject? Do you hold your own hatred towards them?  
Sapphire : I have no fondness for the panthers, their overload of unnecessary emotions, and jealousies, are the cause of all problems. They are a weaker race because of this, and I don't wish to carry the weak.     
Me : You seem to be in close contact with Deacon. Is that by choice, or force? Or is it that, you stand to gain something?         
Sapphire : My alliance with Deacon, is a necessity. Do I wish to be in such close contact? No I do not, but as they say 'keep your enemies close' and that is exactly what I intend to do.      
Me : What outcome would you like to see, from the brewing war?   
Sapphire : The battle of power, is of no consequence to me. While it is a minor disruption in my life, it doesn't effect me at all. I care neither way who wins. No one is capable, of getting me to bend to their will.            
Me : What was your childhood like, growing up in the society?  
Sapphire : Growing up in the society, is a necessity for a mage. Learning the correct use of your powers, and rules of our race, is an absolute must. There is no 'childhood' as you put it, in our race, merely young adults. My personal opinion, on rising to adult under the society, is of no consequence.

Me : Did you ever wish, you wasn't a mage?        
Sapphire : Ha. Never. We are the stronger race. Why would I wish to be anything less?     
Me : It is said, that you can foresee the future. Is this true, and what is the outcome of the war?   
Sapphire : I do indeed, have the gift of foresight, but nothing is set in stone. Actions change the future frequently, same goes for the eventual outcome. Anything, even something minor, could disrupt it in a heartbeat.                 
Me : You have three children. Two of which you hold some contact with. Why is it, that you have completely shunned Bree from your life? Is it because of who her father is?       
Sapphire : Bree, is the reminder of a moment of weakness for me. Her mixed heritage has darkened my bloodline, and although she is a product of my own mistake, I don't wish to be in her company. Bree has the relevant tools at hand, to take care of herself.                                                                   

So there you have it, very evasive answers, although what else did you expect from her :)

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